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Relating to zoology.
  1. 'Like botanic gardens, zoos were designed for the collection and study of species according to scientific principles; indeed many botanic gardens introduced zoological exhibits in the late nineteenth century.'
  2. 'Work done in France from 1793-1830 established the study of comparative anatomy, paleontology, morphology, and what many see as the structure of modern zoological taxonomy.'
  3. 'In so doing, measures of physiological variables continue to offer fresh insights into other fields of zoological research, and so bring about new intercourse between physiological-ecology and other disciplines.'
  4. 'Because the rules of zoological nomenclature indicate that the name of the superfamily has to be derived from the oldest family name, the superfamily name Cirroidea must be replaced by the Porcellioidea.'
  5. 'He spent several months fitting out a state-of-the-art zoological laboratory on board the ship before boarding it in preparation for departure at Sheerness in November 1872.'
  6. 'eighty zoological woodcuts'
  7. 'In a previous life, I was a camp counsellor and I had heard rumours about some cats (in the jazz rather than the zoological sense) who had set up camp in the trees around campus.'
  8. 'The green-eyed monster of budget constraints is, pardon the mixed zoological metaphor, the monkey that rides the back of many a theatre producer.'


1. of or relating to zoology.

2. relating to or concerned with animals.

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"societies can be zoological."

"parks can be zoological."

"gardens can be zoological."

"illustrations can be zoological."

"associations can be zoological."

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