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The chemical element of atomic number 40, a hard silver-grey metal of the transition series.
  1. 'She has previously said aluminium and zirconium in cosmetics could affect hormone levels, raising the risk of cancer.'
  2. 'The minor alloy additions, such as chromium and zirconium, have a marked effect on mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.'
  3. 'For deoxidation of carbon and low-alloy steels, aluminum, titanium, and zirconium are used.'
  4. 'A Reuters article on a shortage of the mineral zircon predicts that cubic zirconium jewelry will go up in price because prices for zirconium have soared.'
  5. 'A very small amount of zirconium is used in the manufacture of alloys for products such as flash bulbs, rayon spinnerets, lamp filaments, precision tools, and surgical instruments.'

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1. a metallic element found combined in zircon, baddeleyite, etc., resembling titanium chemically: used in steel metallurgy, as a scavenger, as a refractory, and as an opacifier in vitreous enamels. Symbol:Zr; atomic weight:9

1.22; atomic number:40; specific gravity:

6.49 at 20°C.

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"units can be zirconium."

"products can be zirconium."

"alloys can be zirconium."


Early 19th century: modern Latin, from zircon.