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A zip fastener.
  1. 'You will be in a hospital gown as zippers and snap fasteners can interfere with the scan.'
  2. 'Is winding up in the back of a taxi at four o'clock in the morning, fumbling ineptly with unfamiliar zippers a good sign?'
  3. 'These are basically regular knits and can be found in a zip-up style, a zipper collar or a hood.'
  4. 'Whether closed with Velcro, zippers, snaps or straps, the coin purse keeps a handy supply of coins for parking meters, the laundry, public phones and stamp machines.'
  5. 'I pushed at the eyeliner on my right eye and fiddled with my zippers a bit more before I walked out.'
  6. 'Dropping the towel he tugged on a pair of baggy, black jeans with lots of zippers and safety pins on them.'
  7. 'He was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with a zipper and blue jeans.'
  8. 'Heather slid out of her sleeping bag and found the zipper and un-did it.'
  9. 'For the guys there's fluffy suits in electric blue and bold red, psychedelic printed tops, wax trousers with leg-length zippers and fisherman hats.'
  10. 'In his corner, Michael has a double thickness of dirty foam rubber, two sleeping bags with broken zippers.'
A display of news or advertisements that scrolls across an illuminated screen fixed to a building.


    Fasten or provide with a zipper.
    1. 'With that, Chris zippered his backpack, grabbed it and put it on his back and soon ran down the stairs and soon out the front door.'
    2. 'I particularly like the hoodie sweatshirt and zippered hoodie sweatshirt because they are utilitarian and fashionable at the same time.'
    3. 'See, after the first song Carl ditched the scarf from around his neck and a few songs later lost the black zippered jacket he was wearing as a shirt as well.'
    4. 'The zippered shirt incorporates underarm gussets, cuff stretch fabric, and a turtleneck collar.'
    5. 'I thought that a dark blue zippered cardigan might do better than an ecru one, given that I am not the world's neatest person.'
    6. 'I zippered the front of the tent, as he did with the back, until it was sealed.'
    7. 'But then I put on a black zippered sweater, with a hood, and then put a jean jacket over that, pulling the hood on top of it.'
    8. 'All are lockable, zippered cases that open flat, with wraparound web handles.'
    9. 'The Endurance has two zippered compartments, a large one with padding next to your back, and a smaller one next to it.'
    10. 'My photo of me attending a Bon Jovi concert, hair spiked and bleached Marilyn Monroe blonde, accompanied by a skin-tight zebra print, zippered mini-dress, is admired.'

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    1. Also called slide fastener. a device used for fastening clothing, valises, etc., consisting of two toothed tracks or spiral metal or plastic coils, each bordering one of two edges to be joined, and a piece that either interlocks or separates them when pulled.

    2. a person or thing that zips.

    3. a rubber and fabric boot or overshoe fastened up the leg by a zipper.

    4. a large illuminated display of news bulletins or advertisements that rapidly and continously flash by on an upper part

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    "makers can be zipper."