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Fasten with a zip.
  1. 'Todd was behind us, zipping his pants and calling out Brooklyn's name.'
  2. 'She shivered and zipped up her hooded sweatshirt.'
  3. 'She smiles and zips up her jacket. ‘Which is just how it should be.’'
  4. 'I inhaled the smell of old perfume and talcum powder every time I helped zip her dress.'
  5. 'Keep your bag zipped up and make sure your wallet or purse can't be seen.'
  6. 'Having grabbed all the books she needed for the weekend, Melanie shut her locker door, zipped up her backpack, and swung it over her shoulder.'
  7. 'I pulled out three dollars and zipped my purse.'
  8. 'Sofia was wearing a brown leather jacket, which was already zipped up as much as possible.'
  9. 'I quickly zipped up my jacket and walked away from Jason.'
  10. 'The jacket was zipped up and the pants were ironed straight.'
  11. 'he zipped himself up'
  12. 'He turns without thinking to the one following him to ask him to zip him back up in again, realizing with horror after a moment exactly what this must forebode.'
  13. 'I tried not to sound insecure as she zipped me up.'
  14. '‘Shut up and slip into the dress, so I can zip you up’ Kirk said coolly.'
  15. 'I zipped him up inside my comfy top thing so that his head was poking out from just under my chin, and I set about cooking dinner.'
  16. 'We zipped Jack into his drysuit, found his weightbelt, helped him into his borrowed BC and watched him do his buddy-check.'
  17. 'She grabbed the zipper and quickly zipped me up.'
Move at high speed.
  1. 'Normally I push the speed limit, and the countryside zips by.'
  2. 'Meanwhile, as with any circuit, you'll zip from one move to the next without resting, keeping your heart rate - and calorie burn - high.'
  3. 'Robben, again from the right, zips inside and coaxes a curler about four yards of the far post.'
  4. 'It was Smith again who pressurised Dunfermline, this time turning inside from he left and keeping his shot low but it zipped just past the post.'
  5. 'The magnesium catches fire and zips around on the surface of the water.'
  6. 'April opened up her locker to stuff her book bag and zip home on her roller blades.'
  7. 'Instead of high drama in slow motion, this is low drama and high speed as the cars zip by.'
  8. 'Drifts of sea pinks coloured the soft grass of the cliff tops and house martins zipped by flashing their pure white rumps.'
  9. 'I literally feel life zip by me while I stand rooted.'
  10. 'Under the assured direction of veteran Leo McCarey, the film just zips along and is all over far too soon.'
  11. 'he zipped a pass out to his receiver'
  12. 'Crouch zipped a pass to Wistrom, who caught it, turned upfield and was tackled at the 15.'
  13. 'Flushed from the pocket by Tigers pressure, Hagans roamed the field for nearly 5 seconds before zipping a 25-yard pass to wideout Deyon Williams.'
  14. 'Stealing in on the blindside of the lax Killie defence to gather a cross-field delivery, he zipped an unstoppable shot into the far corner.'
  15. 'First, Ginobili drove the lane and drew Duncan's defender, zipping a pass to Duncan all alone on the baseline for a 19-footer.'
Compress (a file) so that it takes less space in storage.
  1. 'The standard way around this is to zip the executable files before sending them.'
  2. 'The Trojan arrives in an e-mail with an attachment that is zipped and contains an executable.'


A device consisting of two flexible strips of metal or plastic with interlocking projections closed or opened by pulling a slide along them, used to fasten garments, bags, and other items.
  1. 'Yes, belts, buckles and zips are high fashion for us men this winter.'
  2. 'Simple daily routines, such as peeling potatoes or fastening zips and buttons, become near impossible.'
  3. 'It's a urethane-laminated pack with welded waterproof seam construction with a truly water tight zip.'
  4. 'He wore dark brown baggy trousers covered with zips.'
  5. 'More pockets can mean more zips and more zips can mean more locks, which in turn means more sweaty moments at airport security-checks.'
  6. 'It took me about 2 minutes before I'd quietly undone the two zips on the tent door and silently projected myself head first out of it.'
  7. 'Many women had to use elastic and zips to adjust their own uniforms or borrow bigger uniforms from colleagues.'
  8. 'I can't manage things like zips, so they took the zips out and put Velcro in instead.'
  9. 'He held up a pair of black baggy jeans with bright pink zips on them.'
  10. 'Miss Stephenson was wearing black baggy knee-length combat trousers covered in zips and chains, and knee-length stripy socks with white Adidas trainers.'
  11. 'The pants have an elastic drawcord waist, articulated knees, stretch panels on the waist, and a back zip pocket.'
  12. 'It's light and has plenty of space, as well as a zip pocket.'
  13. 'If you are looking for something slightly dressier, try this putty colored zip front jacket by Calvin Klein.'
  14. 'She was wearing blue jeans and a black zip top with ‘Sherbourne’ written on the front in white lettering.'
  15. 'Her white zip jumper hung loosely round her hips and her brown hair was up in a ponytail.'
  16. 'I briefly took in what he was wearing - faded jeans, a green t-shirt, and a black zip hoodie.'
  17. 'On reflection now, though Mary-Kate or Ashley look pretty good in black leather skirt and matching zip mini-top, fishnets and boots.'
  18. 'Another tip with regards to this documentation is to pack it somewhere where you can access it easily, but which is secure, say in an inside zip pocket of your rucksack.'
  19. 'In a tan velour hooded zip sweatshirt, blue cords and a plaid rust, blue and cream button down, Rob tells me that I look too pale in browns.'
  20. 'These Banana Republic classic five-pocket cargos with zip fly are available in oregano or khaki.'
Energy; vigour.
  1. 'Want to add some crunch to your salad, some zing to your pasta, some zip to your dip?'
  2. 'Each mouthful is a bit different, and you can add zip from the dip of accompanying hot sauce.'
  3. 'It had a bit of zip, and it was a nice diversion from the usual power ballads.'
  4. 'This is not a personality-driven, motivational DVD with a driving pop music score for added zip.'
  5. 'A different Bees side emerged for the second half, and a more familiar zip characterised all they tried to do.'
  6. 'To be fair, you have about 4000% more energy and zip as a speaker than anyone there today.'
  7. 'In midfield, Steve Schumacher's welcome return added zip and zest and brought legs to the piston-like work-rate of Lee Crooks.'
  8. 'The zip and energy shown by Wales in attack was one of the major plus points for Hearts.'
  9. 'From the other side, he doesn't have sparkling offensive statistics and his throws don't have great zip.'
  10. 'Softer than Sapphire with less aromatic zip, Van Gogh has elegant texture and fresh flavors, as well as less bitter bite than most other gins.'


Nothing at all.
  1. 'That had zip to do with the election result because in the end people will vote on issues.'
  2. 'Last year had the decent ‘Legally Blonde,’ but this year - zippo.'
  3. 'That will mean that anyone earning under $38,000 gets zero, zippo, and members of Parliament get at least $100 a week extra.'
  4. 'Anybody who needs to correct someone about beauty college not being a real college has a navy bean for a heart and a kindness quotient of zip.'
  5. 'Sure, he launched some missiles back in '91, accomplishing zip.'
  6. '‘No, zero, zippo,’ Katharine Armstrong, who hosted the hunt, told her local paper.'
  7. 'I typed in the name Patrick Goldstein and again, zippo - nada.'
  8. 'After 30 minutes, I have learned nothing, nada, zippo.'
  9. 'Right now, the score: They're down zip to two to Paraguay.'
  10. 'School's nearly back in session, and we feel your panic as your fun-filled summer days wind down to zippo.'

More definitions

1. a sudden, brief hissing sound, as of a bullet.

2. Informal. energy; vim; vigor. verb (used without object), zipped, zipping.

3. to move with a zipping sound.

4. Informal. to act or move with speed or energy: I'll just zip upstairs. verb (used with object), zipped, zipping. Informal.

5. to convey with speed and energy: I'll zip you downtown on my motorcycle.

6. to add vitality or zest to (usually followed by up): A little garlic zips up a salad.

More examples(as adjective)

"pockets can be zipped."

"flies can be zipped."

"people can be zipped."

"tops can be zipped."

"talents can be zipped."

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(zip)Mid 19th century: imitative.