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Destroy or obliterate.
  1. 'it's vital to zap stress fast'
  2. 'It's heaped full of chlorophyll, which zaps halitosis fast.'
  3. 'The grapefruit-sized tumor was zapped with chemotherapy, radiation and relentless courage.'
  4. 'California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been zapped from the official websites of his Austria birthplace of Graz.'
  5. 'I've spotted a grubby fingerprint on the window and I can't concentrate until I've zapped it with a bottle of Dettox and a damp cloth.'
  6. 'In December, doctors zapped Hannah's tumor with the highest possible doses.'
Move or cause to move suddenly and rapidly.
  1. 'A fascinating linguistic theory has been zapping around the internet over the past week.'
  2. 'I sat there watching the chat screen zapping up past me, just about going crosseyed trying to read it all.'
  3. 'video recorders mean the audience will zap through the ads'
  4. 'Tuning out completely is not an option for most voters, unless their television sets can zap out commercials.'
  5. 'Several talk of how they used to zap to another channel whenever politics came on television.'
  6. 'With one hand he zapped through the channels on the telly while expertly opening a bottle of ale with the other.'


A sudden effect or event that makes a dramatic impact, especially a sudden burst of energy or sound.
  1. 'A zap through of news channels will reveal this rotund surgeon, laying claim to be the sole representative of Hindu sentiment in this country.'
  2. 'One zap with my racket and the pesky mosquitoes are dead.'
  3. 'He insists he is not clairvoyant as a result of the zap.'
  4. 'He received a zap, shrieked slightly at his own stupidity, and yanked away.'
  5. 'There may be just a zap between them, but they are two completely different creatures.'
  6. 'A zap sound ended the vision and then he was left with Ami.'

More definitions

1. to kill or shoot.

2. to attack, defeat, or destroy with sudden speed and force.

3. to bombard with electrical current, radiation, laser beams, etc.

4. to strike or jolt suddenly and forcefully.

5. to cook in a microwave oven.

6. to skip over or delete (TV commercials), as by switching channels or pushing a fast-forward button on a playback device: We recorded the show on our VCR but zapped all the commercials.

7. to add a sudden infusion of

More examples(as adjective)

"consumers can be zapped."

"backs can be zapped."


(zap)1920s (originally US): imitative.