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  1. 'Happily, the birth process is often called the Yule process, anchoring its origins in our own areas of interest.'
  2. 'I remember my disbelief when the cell phone on the belt of the man next to me rang during a Yule invocation.'
  3. 'For Yule, I am giving him a book on Celtic spirituality'
  4. 'It was just before the Yule holidays and it was great to have time to just sit back and talk with no topic on hand.'
  5. 'She went to the Yule party alone, and those who didn't know that Dave had left kept asking her about him.'
  6. 'The Yule process can be seen as modeling origination of evolutionary lineages due to speciation.'
  7. 'We entirely agree that starting your journey as early as possible will help avoid the Yule stampede.'
  8. 'I read my children Christmas, Yule and Hanukkah tales - stories from every faith.'
  9. 'I was hosting the Yule party for our Pagan community that year, and I wanted to fix that and make it look nice.'
  10. 'The solstices, Yule and Midsummer, are festivals of the God.'

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1. Christmas, or the Christmas season.

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"logs can be yule."

"hobgoblinses can be yule."

"ales can be yule."


Old English gēol(a) ‘Christmas Day’; compare with Old Norse jól, originally applied to a heathen festival lasting twelve days, later to Christmas.