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Used to express strong distaste or disgust.
  1. 'The bread here is sweet, yuck!'
  2. 'In fact I'm sure that if I did eat meat (which I haven't done since I was about 13-as the smell makes me feel sick - yuk!'
  3. 'They were batting their eyelashes a million times a second and showing off their best seductive smiles… yuk!'
  4. 'I had been using different brands of oil reducers, and they all made my face feel slimy - yuck!'
  5. 'We all know he's still in love with Joanna and he'd never betray her with Emma, yuk!'
  6. 'We had cat hair stuck to our lip gloss, all over our clothes, just… yuck!'
  7. 'A part of one of my courses requires that I do some creative short story writing… yuck!'


Something messy or disgusting.
  1. 'By eating all those gross yuck foods your tummy will have a riot'
  2. 'The insomnia building may or may not have contributed to my yuck on the Spanish exam.'
  3. 'Look at this messy bunch of used napkins, all with yuck inside.'
  4. 'I was born naked, bald, covered in yuck and screaming.'


Laugh heartily.
  1. 'cops tend to yuck it up, probably to cover their nervousness'
  2. 'Japanese soldiers really knew how to yuck it up.'
  3. 'Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Shroeder and Vlad Putin were yukking it up at the G8 conference with jokes to one another about British cuisine.'


A hearty laugh.
  1. 'We'll work her slow, soften her up and have some yucks while we're at it.'
  2. 'Don't expend too many yucks straight away because there are quite a few other thigh-slappers in her essay.'
  3. 'Anybody who appreciates a good yuck was sad to see the Minutemen pack up their pickups and go home.'
  4. 'It's not just yucks, but there's a lot of funny in it too.'

More definitions

1. a loud, hearty laugh.

2. a joke evoking such a laugh. verb (used with or without object), yukked, yukking.

3. to laugh or joke: The audience really yukked it up at the movie.

More examples(as adjective)

"factors can be yuk."


(yuk)1930s (theatrical slang): probably imitative.