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Messy or disgusting.
  1. 'After 8 years of a yukky stained toilet, I had decided to invest in an extra-strong 3-in-one product that had advertised itself ‘able to get rid of stubborn stains‘.'
  2. 'Today was yucky and hot so I went and saw 2 movies in a row, hey doesn't cost me anything cos I work there.'
  3. 'It was yucky but intriguing.'
  4. 'Or if the weather was yukky, we'd watch the Macy's parade on TV.'
  5. 'I also took down yucky dirty plates and mugs people had left in the work room.'
  6. 'They'll see the yucky black emptiness inside, and they'll be repulsed and run away.'
  7. 'Spirits taste of yukky medicine, as far as my tastebuds are concerned.'
  8. 'They are evil and yucky.'
  9. 'They are gooey and slimy and wet and horrible and yucky and revolting.'
  10. 'Blame it on a yucky mix of sweat and gross bacteria.'


1. thoroughly unappetizing, disgusting, or repugnant.

More examples(as adjective)

"tastes can be yucky."

"stations can be yucky."

"silicones can be yucky."

"places can be yucky."

"people can be yucky."

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