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Young or seeming young.
  1. 'In Basildon, the percentage of youthful misdemeanours is the highest, at eight per cent.'
  2. 'He still maintains a youthful air, looking rather like a younger John Martyn.'
  3. 'An endearing nature of his immortal works is the visage of youthful innocence and simplicity.'
  4. 'The films of the youthful crop, both male and female, have been faring quite well in the theatres.'
  5. 'Sometimes, though, I look in the mirror and I am quickly reminded that I am not so youthful after all.'
  6. 'Post-war deprivation was over and the young were allowed to be youthful and unafraid.'
  7. 'We were all young once and many of us, in those youthful days, had very little, if anything, to assist our social times.'
  8. 'One of his friends referred to him as a very sly and funny and youthful man who dressed like an old man.'
  9. 'Although the younger boy was very youthful looking, he was only an inch or two shorter than Chris.'
  10. 'At least the teens have their youthful naivete as an excuse for auditioning.'
  11. 'youthful enthusiasm'
  12. 'Many of the men one sees in audiences are considerably younger but lack the youthful vigour of conductors.'
  13. 'She had worked for many years in a medical students' hostel and had seen us with our youthful exuberance and excesses.'
  14. 'This was a contest of youthful enthusiasm and fitness of the visitors versus the experience and guile of the home side.'
  15. 'He seems more boyish and youthful than the rather circumspect Sandler.'
  16. 'Our lodger is busy canvassing for her candidate and I kind of envy her youthful enthusiasm and lack of cynicism.'
  17. 'His youthful exuberance was making it hard for anyone to catch up with him.'
  18. 'He looks like he could knock you out, but his voice is full of youthful enthusiasm.'
  19. 'Cheered but still sober, we head for the Monkey Bar, a more stylish and youthful venue in a Bath Street basement.'
  20. 'His youthful enthusiasm seemed to blend seamlessly with the tenacity of Steve Thompson and Phil Vickery.'
  21. 'He was chosen for his youthful dynamism, which the party hoped could match that of his political rival, Wilson.'


1. characterized by youth; young.

2. of, relating to, or befitting youth: youthful enthusiasm.

3. having the appearance, freshness, vigor, etc., of youth: She is 60 but her optimism has kept her youthful.

4. in an early period of existence; early in time.

5. Physical Geography. (of topographical features) having undergone erosion to a slight extent only.

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"reformers can be youthful."

"enthusiasms can be youthful."

"looks can be youthful."

"teams can be youthful."

"populations can be youthful."

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