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The basic monetary unit of Japan.
  1. 'If Koizumi has enjoyed some economic success, say critics, it has been through a combination of good luck and what many believe has been an artificial weakness of the yen against the dollar.'
  2. 'Thus, the President's chief economic advisor appeared to provide tacit approval to a weaker yen against the dollar.'
  3. 'The dollar weakened against sterling, the euro and the yen.'
  4. 'The other point, of course, is that a weak yen (a stronger dollar) may be what this country chiefly needs.'
  5. 'Yet the Canadian dollar, Mexican peso, Taiwan dollar and Japanese yen all posted small gains against the greenback.'
  6. 'And most particularly, can you name a price in dollars or yen or any other currency that you think the euro is actually going to go to before it rebounds?'
  7. 'The dollar is strong because investors would rather hold dollars than yen or euros, not because the US Treasury says it should be.'
  8. 'The world has a new global currency - airline frequent flyer miles, which have a greater total value than dollars, euros, pounds or yen.'
  9. 'At the Group of Five Plaza Accords in September 1985 it was decided to strengthen the yen against the dollar, in an attempt to resolve the trade imbalances caused by the success of Japanese export industries.'
  10. 'MacDonald shares that yen for varied challenge.'
  11. 'A rise in the yen against the dollar reduces the value of exporters' profits when repatriated into Japanese currency, which contributes to deflation.'
  12. 'When the euro was exaggeratedly overvalued, the ECB didn't bother to print extra euros to buy dollars or yen to later sell them with a profit and to take some steam out of the euro rise.'


A longing or yearning.
  1. 'While growing up I watched my three brothers play baseball and always had a yen to join them.'
  2. 'A buried yen to ski competitively came back in the early seventies, when the idea of a professional racing circuit in the States took hold.'
  3. 'And while homesickness and a yen to have the support of being the home team in a rough business lured the brothers back, they've set their sights on more travel eventually.'
  4. 'His yen for a sport, in which speeds of 110 miles per hour can be reached, was fuelled when he was taken to Silverstone by his dad to watch friend Moore in karting action.'
  5. 'If you have a yen for something different, not on the menu, voila, it's yours.'
  6. 'Some years ago I had a yen to read some science fiction.'
  7. 'And to have had an absolute yen to achieve your goal.'
  8. 'If you feel a desperate yen to join them no-one will stop you, it will scare the living daylights out of you, but what's more important, once back on deck, you will feel like a million dollars.'
  9. 'Scots producers with a yen to make TV shows about footballers should phone Channel 4's Julian Bellamy.'


Feel a longing or yearning.
  1. 'And I should have linked it immediately to the Hippie's sudden yenning for suburban clothing.'

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1. an aluminum coin and monetary unit of Japan, equal to 100 sen or 1000 rin. Symbol:¥;Abbreviation:Y.

2. a former silver coin of Japan.

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(yen)Late 19th century (in the sense ‘craving (of a drug addict) for a drug’): from Chinese yǎn.