Adjective "yearning" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


A feeling of intense longing for something.
  1. 'I gave up the yearnings for a boyfriend at about 30, when I bought my first house, which may or may not be a coincidence.'
  2. 'Its tranquil moments convey a nostalgic yearning common to Japanese folk music.'
  3. 'The feminine side in all of us sometimes represents fulfilment of spiritual yearnings.'
  4. 'He was the hope of the family, especially of his father whose own showbiz yearnings had ended up in the debit column, but he was booed off stage again and again and again.'
  5. 'The feelings evoked; the longings unleashed; the yearnings induced; the awe inspired.'
  6. 'As the novel unreels at a pace fitting for a neighbourhood of fly fishers, Gary's adolescent yearnings and religious fears become the frame for a deeper story.'
  7. 'But life has never been kind to these devoted companions, whose romantic yearnings flounder and remain unrequited.'
  8. 'This yearning goes beyond the simple need for an anthropomorphic father - figure; rather, it goes to the very core of our being.'
  9. 'Galloway Street beautifully captures the harshness of poverty and the warm good humour of a childhood dominated by songs, yarns and the yearnings of his Irish relatives for their native land.'
  10. 'Rorty has known the call of intense and ultimately spiritual yearnings.'
  11. 'Onto this fairytale princess many women projected their own unsatisfied yearnings: they identified with her vulnerability, her perceived status as a victim.'


Involving or expressing yearning.
  1. 'Then, with one yearning look toward her uncle Deane's house, that lay farther down the river, she took to both her oars, and rowed with all her might across the watery fields back toward the Mill.'
  2. 'Instinct kicked in and I slowly bent my head towards hers, leaning down to press my yearning lips against her innocent ones.'
  3. 'John Savage's yearning flute sound, with the band closing around him like shadows in moonlight, is exquisite on Faded Beauty.'
  4. 'He had something of a hungry, yearning look to his face.'
  5. 'Running through the film is a yearning nostalgia for the social unity of the war years, remembered fondly as Britain's ‘finest hour’.'
  6. 'The tenderest, most yearning word in Fleming's lexicon is ‘cruel’.'
  7. 'An occasional soul, defying all these constrains, wants to realize this truth and overcome illusion, and such a yearning soul is a fit person to become a disciple.'
  8. 'She gazed directly at Ryan with yearning eyes, and Ryan felt like she was speaking specifically of him, which made him feel good.'
  9. 'Taking his cues from such veterans as David Byrne, Moore uses his latest release as a vehicle for exploring the heart of an artist given over to yearning love and crusading anger.'
  10. 'What is the suppressed focus, the yearning urge in our species to be so neccessarily linked?'



1. deep longing, especially when accompanied by tenderness or sadness: a widower's yearning for his wife.

2. an instance of such longing.