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A thing that is considered extremely boring.
  1. 'For many years, ‘boring, boring’ Arsenal were pleased with squeaking out 1-0 yawners over their more adventurous, stylish rivals.'
  2. 'They're a corporate services firm, which in the grand scheme of things is a real yawner.'
  3. 'Same with Squeeze, for that matter; they too sailed from the port of Melody and wandered the Sargasso bogs for years, turning out hours of mid-tempo yawners.'
  4. 'It started off as the usual sort of Junior High yawner: police interrupting the Holston Middle School's curriculum to talk about the dangers of drunk driving.'
  5. '‘What a yawner,’ the guard's eyes were slightly mesmerized by the bright, gray light emanating from the television screens.'
  6. 'Will this game end up being another in a continual line of Monday-night yawners?'
  7. 'What may sound like a routine yawner is really a meeting at which nothing less than the future of Europe will be decided - and especially Germany's role in that future.'
  8. '‘East Coast Angel’ is a yawner, but at least the whole record doesn't fall into the ‘Oh God, is this another REALLY slow song with a piano?’'
  9. 'As Dinosaur proved, slow-moving animals trying to get to safe land is a yawner, no matter who voices the animals.'
  10. 'Tracks with yawners like Mack 10, Insane Clown Posse and E40 do nothing to help the album's inevitable downward slide.'

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1. a person who yawns.

2. yawn (def 8).

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"races can be yawner."