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Spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.
  1. count noun 'a fine yarn for a lightweight garment'
  2. 'It is made from silk or cotton yarn and is woven using a wooden loom.'
  3. 'There was a curtain of blue beads and green and blue shells threaded with shimmering silver yarn, turning the doorway into a magical entrance to a seascape.'
  4. 'Many of the second and third generation of settlers grew flax and spun and wove yarn in addition to tending a small farm.'
  5. 'In another building, not far from where the sewing is taking place, cotton is spun into yarn and turned into a material.'
  6. 'The first water-powered cotton spinning mills typically expanded production by putting out yarn to be woven by members of farming families.'
  7. 'Raw flax and wool was spun into yarn, this was then dyed or bleached, woven into cloth and then cut and sewn into the garments their families needed.'
  8. 'The gold-coloured fibre is spun into a breath-taking range of textured yarn and woven into a spectrum of colourful floor coverings, wall hangings and artifacts.'
  9. 'Zhang created a steelworks at Wuhan, textile mills, and factories producing cement, glass, paper, cotton yarn and cloth, and leather goods.'
  10. 'My mother sewed most of my clothes as a child, so I have an affinity for patterns, cloth, thread and yarn.'
  11. 'The cotton would be cleaned and then spun into yarn or thread.'
A long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible.
  1. 'The Dock Museum is hosting a day of seasonal yarns and tall tales with renowned Lakeland storyteller Taffy Thomas on Saturday, December 18.'
  2. 'The spin doctors catch the civilian sheep off guard, whip up a public frenzy to support a whole new war, and spin one of the biggest yarns in modern history.'
  3. 'The stories have the exaggerated feel of campfire yarns, amusing anecdotes you'd tell your buddy, but they are told from behind the standing mics, with guitars strapped in place.'
  4. 'They travelled from near and far to join in the celebrations with many swapping tales and yarns of growing up in the area.'
  5. 'This is a monthly night out, and we are told it is also a very unique evening, where everyones gathers around the fire, and they travel from far and near and tell stories, swap yarns, ceol agus craic, and it is guaranteed to be a great night.'
  6. 'Since then he has kept returning to them, trying to find the real essential story behind the detective yarns.'
  7. 'This would contain short stories, poetry, yarns, jokes, etc.'
  8. 'Carey satirizes literary culture, plays with archetypes, exoticism, and the convolutions of travel yarns, and evokes Malaysia and Indonesia with aplomb.'
  9. 'I'm relieved to see the DVD catalogue is maturing fast, with standard movies joining what seemed to be almost exclusively blockbuster effect-laden thrillers and adventure yarns.'
  10. 'Enjoy an evening of spell-binding stories and ripping yarns at a special evening of storytelling at St Catherines Church, Patterdale Road, Windermere, on Friday.'
  11. 'he had a bit of a yarn with the others'
  12. 'We got hold of the busy café owner, who quickly passed us on to the brewer, who was happy to have a yarn with us.'
  13. 'In subsequent yarns with other friends and acquaintances, some of whom came to know him through working at Yuendumu, he also implied to them many more than 31, but I do not know of anyone who was given a specific estimate.'
  14. 'And he did exactly what I'd been trained to do; he sat down and we had a cup of tea at the table out there, a bit of a yarn.'
  15. 'Had a yarn to Lawerence Chaytor today.'
  16. 'You'd always go to the Yeps for a chat, for a yarn.'
  17. 'This place is as bad as the base for news. Just as I wrote that, he came in and had a yarn.'
  18. 'We had a bit of a yarn with her, about life, plans, etc.'
  19. 'Rene laughed at me, having overheard my long phone chat and assumed it was some old buddy, and I told her that no, it was still the Telstra guy, and we were having a yarn while his technology tried to sort itself out.'
  20. 'Buyers and other stud breeders travel from around the state and from interstate to inspect the rams on show, the quality of the wool produced and generally to have a bit of a yarn with colleagues.'
  21. 'In fact on his properties up around Cunnamulla and Bourke, he runs damaras, samms, dohnies, merinos and feral goats Meg Strang had a yarn with Ted about which breed is the best performer.'


Tell a long or implausible story.
  1. 'It is a fitting way to start an evening around the campfire yarning about Rex's exploits and adventures - intrepid journeys of exploration by the bushman and naturalist many call the founder of Australia's outback safari industry.'
  2. 'There was no television; we had radio, but our main entertainment was sitting around yarning, and telling, recalling stories of childhood and the bush and the Depression and the War and so on.'
  3. 'Peace keepers who served in East Timor yarned with former prisoners of war, as Australian service men and women shared their experiences over a beer.'
  4. 'he sat yarning to his mother'
  5. 'It was generally believed, too, when I first yarned to people, that some of those who had fled had perished of exhaustion and thirst.'
  6. 'At tea-time and again the following morning, we're visited by members of the community, yarning with old ladies like Sheila, Amy and community leader Jessie and larking about in the river with a bevvy of energetic youngsters.'
  7. 'It rained off and on all day, and we were quite content to yarn with Jean Craigie, Ernie Smith, Stan Ombler and the rest of the hut occupants.'
  8. 'One morning, when one of the officers and several passengers were chatting and yarning in my cabin, the officer said to me: ‘I say, Major, you will be glad to hear that, on Sunday morning, we shall have service in the saloon…'
  9. 'She put in quite a reasonable quantity of time yarning with Norm Purves' good lady, and I had a beer or two with old Norm and some of the other chappies there.'
  10. 'They are run as in NZ & the girl who attended us started yarning to us and we kept it up.'
  11. 'It was retrobate old Nugget Hunter (not to be confused with Nugget Morton) yarning with me in 1970.'
  12. 'Eventually all settled down to a well-cooked meal, then yarning and laughter.'

More definitions

1. thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and used for knitting and weaving.

2. a continuous strand or thread made from glass, metal, plastic, etc.

3. the thread, in the form of a loosely twisted aggregate of fibers, as of hemp, of which rope is made (rope yarn)

4. a tale, especially a long story of adventure or incredible happenings: He spun a yarn that outdid any I had ever heard. verb (used without object)

5. Informal. to spin a yarn; tell stories.

More examples(as adjective)

"mills can be yarn."


Old English gearn; of Germanic origin, related to Dutch garen.