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The sport or pastime of racing or sailing in yachts.
  1. 'Whatever you want to do on your vacation, however tranquil or busy you want to make it, yachting has the answer.'
  2. 'Mr Scott, 29, who has qualifications in mountaineering, canoeing, mountain biking and yachting, was delighted by his new role.'
  3. 'Services provided by the Academy include sport specific development programs in canoe slalom, lawn bowling, netball, soccer, softball, squash, rugby union, triathlon and yachting.'
  4. 'International class equestrian and yachting are expensive sports to compete in at the top, and not exactly third world sports.'
  5. 'If yachting was the focus of social life during the daytime, at night bronzed shoulders rubbed together in the villas and mansions of various tycoons and princes.'
  6. 'There were no nominations in bodybuilding, bridge, golf, rugby, tennis, volleyball or yachting.'
  7. 'Ron Sparks, managing director of QBE Insurance, a consistent sponsor of yachting and regattas for many years, could be regarded as representative of the legion of supporters.'
  8. '‘Traditionally, yachting has been perceived as a pursuit of the rich and famous, particularly sailing in places such as the Caribbean,’ said Alexander.'
  9. 'Once the home of John Grey, one of the great names in Irish yachting, this Victorian mid-terrace property is now owned by the artist Desmond McCarthy.'
  10. 'The various national reports all tried to estimate the contribution of yachting to their respective economies.'

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1. the practice or sport of sailing or voyaging in a yacht.

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"sites can be yachting."