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Resembling wire in form and texture.
  1. 'He had dark brown wiry hair, stubble over his lower face and a deep scar under his left eye.'
  2. 'She looked pretty similar to Amanda, except she had long wiry looking auburn-red hair tied into 2 bunches.'
  3. 'His dark eyes sparkled with life and amusement from the mass of black wiry hair that covered his face.'
  4. 'Ma Dubois is in her late seventies: old and wrinkled with a blue frock, a Brillo pad of wiry grey hair and a pair of thick horn-rimmed glasses.'
  5. 'Beneath the table his feet are doing their own private dance, while the wiry hair that crowns his angular, mercurial features is a buzz of static feedback.'
  6. 'Her wiry gray hair curled from beneath the edges of a blue kerchief and a colorful fringed shawl draped over her shoulders.'
  7. 'He had short, wiry brown hair, most of which was covered by the hat he wore.'
  8. 'Her brown eyes are intelligent and searching and her long wiry dark hair has been cut into a short pixie-style cut and dyed honey brown.'
  9. 'She shook her head so hard that a wiry black curl fell into her face, and she hurriedly pushed it behind her ear.'
  10. 'It shows a woman with a tall, intelligent face, straggly wiry hair and very long fingers held up and covering one eye.'
  11. 'Bernadette was a small, wiry woman'
  12. 'He is wiry, bearded, a life-long mountaineer, skier and runner and one of Scotland's leading endurance riders.'
  13. 'He was a small, spare, wiry man, highly intelligent, with unusual gifts of persuasion and leadership.'
  14. 'He was probably in his mid fifties, with wiry build and silver hair.'
  15. 'A thin wiry man was sitting at the counter, downing a bottle of beer.'
  16. 'Would I ever get to see his tall, wiry frame, blue eyes, dark hair, or friendly smile again?'
  17. 'He stands up, revealing a pair of skimpy black briefs and the wiry body of somebody in their twenties: no fat, no sag, no wrinkles.'
  18. 'His father shakes my hand with an unusually strong grip for a short, wiry man in his seventies.'
  19. 'I turned around to face him, doing everything I could not to gawk at his lean, wiry figure.'
  20. 'The deputy, who is a small, wiry man with long whiskers that stick out from his face in disarray, turns to look up at the hotel.'
  21. 'The wiry guard cast a suspicious look throughout the room.'


1. made of wire.

2. in the form of wire.

3. resembling wire, as in form, stiffness, etc.: wiry grass.

4. lean and sinew: a wiry little person.

5. produced by or resembling the sound of a vibrating wire: wiry tones.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be wiry."

"hairs can be wiry."

"stems can be wiry."

"rootstocks can be wiry."

"figures can be wiry."

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