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Attractive or appealing in a fresh, innocent way.
  1. 'It's a lovely spot, clean, serene, winsome, flowery, and bathed in an almost suptropical warmth.'
  2. '‘So says the English guru,’ Troy teased lightly, and he flashed a sudden winsome smile.'
  3. 'All of 11 years old, Nikosi comes across by turn as wise, winsome, overburdened, and sometimes desolate.'
  4. 'This last one in particular wasn't much heeded by the programme's winsome presenter.'
  5. 'But, doubts remain… is he too winsome for his own good?'
  6. 'His smile was charming, and his eyes bright and winsome, and with his aura came an atmosphere of leisure accompanied by a tinge of duress.'
  7. 'His winsome chit-chat further endeared these die-hards as he recounted one hilarious story after another.'
  8. 'She looked at the cop, quickly pulling on her most winsome innocent face.'
  9. 'Perhaps the car's unusual looks, which were striking when it was first launched, are no longer as fresh and winsome as they once were.'
  10. 'Canary yellow and bubblegum pink are the winning shades of the season and knee-length strappy dresses and casual linen trouser suits are the winsome styles.'


1. sweetly or innocently charming; winning; engaging: a winsome smile.

More examples(as adjective)

"smiles can be winsome."

"people can be winsome."

"children can be winsome."

"wives can be winsome."

"welcomes can be winsome."

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Old English wynsum, from wyn ‘joy’ + -some.