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Bordered, shaded, or covered by willows.
  1. 'Then we descended through open willowy meadows with beautiful views of the mountains, following a stream.'
(of a person) tall, slim, and lithe.
  1. 'The fair, willowy girl had stars in her eyes when at the age of twenty, she was married to the tall and handsome young man with a four-figure salary.'
  2. 'Across the room a willowy woman in a svelte black dress aimed carelessly at a pool ball and knocked five solids home with one shot as Carson watched, amazed.'
  3. 'Go for an outfit loosely inspired by the 1920s, drop-waisted, flapper look, which suits willowy, skinny types like you.'
  4. '‘Perhaps I will have that ciggy,’ she says, trying to come on all Parisian, as her willowy character learns that Charlie, her husband of three months, is dead and she is the prime suspect.'
  5. 'She was thin and willowy and beautiful, and she was neither young nor old.'
  6. 'She was willowy and graceful, with a sharp face.'
  7. 'A willowy soldier leaned against a tree near where he stood, whittling a piece of wood.'
  8. 'A willowy, friendly young woman settled me down on a sofa with the menu, home-made crisps expertly flavoured with sea salt and spring onions, good olives and spicy little mushroom won tons.'
  9. 'He was only fifteen, and had a willowy and slightly feminine frame.'
  10. 'I'd arrived there with two willowy 14-year-olds, all bare midriffs and attitude, feeling that along with the luggage I had probably also packed a whole load of trouble.'


1. pliant; lithe.

2. (of a person) tall, slender, and moving gracefully.

3. abounding with willows.

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"people can be willowy."

"figures can be willowy."

"blondes can be willowy."

"sirens can be willowy."

"scrubs can be willowy."

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