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Resistant to the effects of bad weather, especially rain.
  1. 'Rabbits need a large weatherproof home, kept off the ground, out of direct sunlight and strong winds.'
  2. 'Using weatherproof flags approved by the Coast Guard, I attempted to signal passing ships.'
  3. 'Its listed status means it cannot be demolished and it will cost the council £100,000 a year to ensure it remains weatherproof.'
  4. 'Another advantage is that the map is weatherproof and will survive the worst of weather.'
  5. 'He was wearing a houndstooth cap, a perfectly smooth, black, weatherproof jacket and blue jeans with cargo pockets.'
  6. 'I was fine, wrapped in my weatherproof anorak with the hood up, and found the walk from one end of the precinct to the other a bracing and refreshing experience.'
  7. 'This year, the students had put up a temporary weatherproof shelter, the size of a large auditorium, to ensure that both competitors and spectators would not have to worry about a sudden spell of rain literally dampening the proceedings.'
  8. 'He said: ‘People taking part need to bring a weatherproof jacket and sturdy shoes or boots.’'
  9. 'Firefighters were able to remove all the undamaged furniture and personal effects of the occupiers to a safe storage area before making the property safe and weatherproof.'
  10. 'But repairs to make the building weatherproof are estimated at more than £60,000.'
  11. 'Opposition politicians have slammed a ‘grandiose’ project to install a massive weatherproof plasma TV screen in Hull city centre costing £675,000.'


Make (something) weatherproof.
  1. 'the clocks are weatherproofed and can be sited permanently outdoors if required'
  2. 'Turn the thermostat down, put on a sweater, weatherproof your home and seek out alternative means of heating and powering it.'
  3. 'Each stick is oiled with teak oil to weatherproof it and maintain its ‘natural’ look.'
  4. 'Exterior accesses make sense from the standpoint of convenient accessibility, but many people give up on wrestling with old wooden doors that are heavy and extremely difficult to weatherproof.'
  5. 'The windmill needs weatherproofing, rebuilding and re-capping to become habitable.'
  6. 'This will prevent intrusion by pigeons and other birds before the building is finally weatherproofed.'


1. able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather. verb (used with object)

2. to make (something) weatherproof.

More examples(as adjective)

"roofs can be weatherproof for years."

"roofs can be weatherproof."

"people can be weatherproof."

"cameras can be weatherproof."

"unions can be weatherproof."

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