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Each of a series of horizontal boards nailed to outside walls with edges overlapping to keep out the rain.
  1. 'The walls resemble weatherboard, but cut in irregular widths so as to look even more archaic, as if these lapped boards were sawn from un-squared logs.'
  2. 'Thinking exteriors, weatherboards are making a comeback, and often used alongside plaster.'
  3. 'They built their two-roomed stone or weatherboard cottages and with great hopes put in a wheat crop as soon as possible.'
  4. 'The paint was peeling off the weatherboard and the house seemed to tilt slightly to one side.'
  5. 'Their rambling villa, once a model of gracious elegance, was now a paradise of dry rot, with its skeletal verandah, rickety walls and warped weatherboards.'
  6. 'His mother was one of six children and there were still three sisters and two brothers as well as Keith's grandparents living in the three-bedroom weatherboard house.'
  7. 'The original weatherboard building was destroyed by fire in 1884 and replaced by a stone building in 1885.'
  8. 'John and Sunday Reed lived for over thirty years in this Victorian weatherboard and one-time dairy-farm house.'
  9. 'It did not rot, except for the weatherboards on the outside, which had to be replaced from time to time.'
  10. 'Towards the end of 1881 a weatherboard building was erected and Miss Betty M. Cousin took charge of the first students at Cradock.'


Fit or supply with weatherboards.
  1. 'The barn has a tiled roof, is weatherboarded, and has a flint plinth.'

More definitions

1. an early type of board used as a siding for a building.

2. Chiefly British. any of various forms of board used as a siding for a building.

3. Nautical. the side of a vessel toward the wind. verb (used with object)

4. to cover or furnish with weatherboards.

More examples(as adjective)

"rears can be weatherboard."