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(especially of clothing) easy to wear; suitable for wearing.
  1. 'wearable pieces of jewellery'
  2. '‘Sexy and, at the same time, very, very wearable, all in pastels,’ the voice of the compère, appeared to croon.'
  3. 'Quite often, I wait until Poppy has completely run out of any wearable pants before I reluctantly pull out the ironing board and get things creased down the centre line again.'
  4. 'While it is certainly much easier to impress an audience with elegant evening wear, several of the competitors came up with creative yet wearable designs.'
  5. 'The school also requests that these items of clothing, if they're still wearable - be returned to the school.'
  6. 'The company says it is aiming to plug the gap it has found in the market for fashionable but wearable clothes for much-neglected 40-plus female shoppers.'
  7. 'At least the trousers are a bit more wearable than the current ones, and I guess the pale mauve 3/4 sleeve shirt is an improvement on the ugly maroon with white flowers I wear at the moment.'
  8. 'The success of the brands in Singapore and Malaysia is attributed to its single-minded focus on giving the target group of consumers what they want in the way of wearable fashion.'
  9. '‘These are very wearable clothes,’ concurs Shivani, the woman designer behind the new ensemble.'
  10. 'Out of an estimated total of nine jumpers I've laboriously knitted for myself in my thirty-two years of life, only one was actually wearable.'
  11. 'Luckily, there are designers in Europe who have captured the beauty and versatility of ethnic designs and produced very wearable results.'
  12. 'Your wearable coach provides voice updates of your performance as you run.'
  13. 'Imagine a wearable computer that gains two additional processors when you put on your shoes.'
  14. 'Microsoft isn't the first to make a run at wearable technology.'
  15. 'A 16-year-old student from Wales is looking for funding to develop a wearable mouse device.'
  16. 'From Boeing, we have a Combat Management System, intended to fit a fully configurable, wearable PC into a soldier's clothing.'
  17. 'Instead, its designers say it represents a leap forward in wearable technology.'
  18. 'A wearable vest could give you directional information.'
  19. 'A prototype of this wearable unit lowers the temperature of the air moving around the pilot's head and chest by up to 18ºF for over three hours.'
  20. 'The wearable device allows people to monitor smoke and project the damage passive smoking can do to their heart, lungs and life expectancy.'
  21. 'For all the activity abroad, many cell-phone makers believe today's wearable designs are far from optimal.'


An item that can be worn.
  1. 'the latest wearables are more durable and more mobile than laptop computers'
  2. '"When seeing a wearable over and over, it builds an image for the advertiser, and our job is done."'
  3. 'Some of the wearables she described were creepy.'
  4. 'The wearable replaces the manual clipboard-and-pen approach of years ago, as well as the more recent approach of carrying a laptop computer, speaking into a microphone attached to that computer, and handling a camera.'
  5. 'And from this, this little series of pendants and wearables was created.'
  6. 'Packed with the same computing power as some laptops, wearables are still too expensive for average consumers.'
  7. 'We now read that men are to be targeted with a range of pink summer wearables by the high-street fashion chains 'cashing in' on the growing phenomenon of ' metrosexuality.'
  8. 'We even saw retail moving toward the higher-end, more expensive "fluffy" embroidered wearable.'


1. capable of being worn; appropriate, suitable, or ready for wearing: old shoes that are still wearable.

2. relating to or noting a computer or advanced electronic device that is incorporated into an accessory worn on the body or an item of clothing: wearable gadgets embedded in fabric; a wearable heart-rate sensor. See also wearable computer, wearable technology. noun

3. Usually, wearables. something that may be worn or carried on the body, as an item of clothing: high-fashi

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"computers can be wearable."

"collections can be wearable."

"clothes can be wearable."

"arts can be wearable."

"ways can be wearable."

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