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Have (something) on one's body as clothing, decoration, or protection.
  1. 'firemen wearing breathing apparatus'
  2. 'He is wearing a dark indigo suit, elegant in its tailoring, a fine white shirt, and a richly colored tie.'
  3. 'She was a fine-looking woman in her thirties, wearing a smart black dress.'
  4. 'The offenders were described only as wearing balaclavas and dark clothing.'
  5. 'She wore the black sequined dress to her 37th birthday party at the Tate Museum.'
  6. 'Out of the corner of my eye, however, I can see two dark-suited men wearing shades leaning against a wall staring at me intently.'
  7. 'The man was wearing a dark navy suit, which fitted his body like a glove.'
  8. 'He had no protective clothing and wore only overalls.'
  9. 'Many of the victims wore multiple layers of clothing and carried small personal items like jewelry and medication.'
  10. 'A specialist cleaning company had to send in people wearing protective clothing and breathing masks to clear what turned out to be six tonnes of waste.'
  11. 'To finish the outfit off, she decided to wear her black rimmed glasses rather than her contacts.'
  12. 'Both robbers wore balaclavas, dark clothing and hooded jackets.'
  13. 'Over 90% of North American women wear a bra, many without ever asking why.'
  14. 'And what about the robes that priests wear? They too are long, flowing and can be used to conceal such things.'
  15. 'they wear a frozen smile on their faces'
  16. 'Alice, the head nurse, wore her usual grim expression and young Lily stood at the foot of the bed with wide, expectant eyes.'
  17. 'She then turned her head to look at Josh, who wore a very confused expression.'
  18. 'However, his face wore an expression she knew all too well.'
  19. 'Mr. Harken, on the other hand, still wore the same pleasant expression.'
  20. 'Instead, you stand meekly, wearing your most hopeful expression, vainly attempting to read the seating plan upside down.'
  21. 'Behind her stood Kip, hands on his hips and wearing an unusually serious expression.'
  22. 'He wore the broadest of smiles as Donald was presented with the cup.'
  23. 'The stern expression he wore did little to calm her already stretched nerves.'
  24. 'One look at Sophia's face and the guilty expression she wore confirmed her suspicions.'
  25. 'In fact, every classical musician had reasons to wear such a smile.'
  26. 'Kate stepped off the plane wearing a long skirt and a cute little blouse, wearing her long blonde hair in a ponytail.'
  27. 'I had fine hair which was worn long until it was cut when I turned sixteen.'
  28. 'Her hard-set blue eyes were serious and cool, and she wore her reddish blonde hair in tight curls.'
  29. 'His short, blonde hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a gush of water.'
  30. 'Her hair, which was worn up, was blonde with a tint of auburn.'
  31. 'I remember that Jason wore his longish blonde hair combed over to one side.'
  32. 'She wore her long blonde hair in a thick braid and her white dress swayed about her ankles as she walked to the other side of the porch.'
  33. 'She was in her sixties and wore her thinning gray hair pulled back in a loose bun with all but a few strands secured by bobby pins.'
  34. 'When it came to how Sarah's hair should be worn, there was an even greater dispute.'
  35. 'On a daily basis, he wears his lightly graying hair in braids, but for ceremonies he takes great care preparing his hair and traditional costume.'
  36. 'Amy wore her long brown hair down and a light shade of pink eyeliner.'
  37. 'any British registered boat may wear the red ensign'
  38. 'The Blue Ensign worn by Government vessels usually has the badge of the department in the fly.'
Damage, erode, or destroy by friction or use.
  1. 'shells worn smooth by the sea'
  2. 'The stone toe of Saint Jude, patron of impossible causes, was worn smooth by the desperate kisses of the faithful.'
  3. 'Their great old houses overflow with rough medieval furniture, threadbare tapestries and religious relics worn smooth by the touch of generations.'
  4. 'They rose through a spiraling passage, surrounded by cool stone that had been worn smooth over the many long years of the school's existence.'
  5. 'The rest of the shoreline was rock, worn smooth from the constant action of the waves.'
  6. 'Years of natural erosion have worn away the church's stonework.'
  7. 'The inscription plate was barely discernible, having been worn smooth by years of polishing, but a copy has now been placed on a card placed inside the lid.'
  8. 'Whatever paint the porch rail once had has been worn away by time exposing the beautiful, smooth graininess of the wood.'
  9. 'The bluff's golden sandstone has been worn down by water and wind into stunning sculptures and patterns.'
  10. 'the road surface had worn smooth'
  11. 'The road surface has worn away.'
  12. 'Over the years, the tip of the exposed pole came into contact with the underground cable and the fence became electrified when insulation covering the cable wore away, he said.'
  13. 'When you say that your daughter's teeth have worn down, that implies that she might be grinding her teeth, probably at night.'
  14. 'Parking restrictions in parts of Oxford are no longer being enforced because road markings have worn away.'
  15. 'Well, it's nice compared to T-shirts and dirt-stained jeans with holes worn into the knees.'
  16. 'It turned out that the float had been vibrating against the body of the carburettor and had worn a little hole through it.'
  17. 'Today we see him sporting a Monty Python and the Holy Grail T-shirt with a pair of baggy jeans with holes worn in the knees.'
  18. 'Then there are the holes he wore in his jackets after putting them on for thirty years, or the mismatched patches she would use to sew them up.'
  19. 'Bryony jogged along the narrow path worn into the floor of the forest.'
  20. 'Time and travelling feet have worn grooves into hillsides as much as 3m deep.'
  21. 'These cars perform well; the slightly dowdy interiors wear well and the seat mechanisms have proved robust.'
  22. 'There's a no-nonsense look about the dashboard area - the car is clearly designed here to wear well and not date.'
  23. 'I found the rugs didn't wear well either, but I love the colours, so I'm considering taking mine off the floor and hanging them too.'
  24. 'Whether you're planning to do the work yourself or get someone in, remember that gravel requires a firm, consolidated base to look good and wear well.'
  25. 'Our academics have won prizes for their work on Maori but it is my guess that much of their work won't wear well over time.'
  26. 'A ring that is plated with platinum but is actually sterling silver is probably not a good choice not because it might wear badly but because it is really only valued based on the underlying metal, which is silver.'
Pass (a period of time) in some activity.
    Tolerate; accept.
    1. 'When it comes to paying too much money for an event the Government just won't wear it.'
    2. 'To replace bills with coins would save the Treasury at least $500m (£263m) a year. Yet Americans just won't wear it.'


    Clothing suitable for a particular purpose or of a particular type.
    1. 'The programme began shortly after 8pm and featured the delegates in traditional East Indian wear and evening gowns.'
    2. 'People hurried back and forth, wrapped in cloaks or swirling capes behind them, in peasant wear or merchant finery.'
    3. 'The shop not only sells a large selection of bridal wear, but also has bridal packages, beauty treatments and a range of other services all under one roof.'
    4. 'This colourful handmade woollen wear come in green, red, ivory and black.'
    5. 'Casual wear is permitted after hours, as long as it follows the school dress code.'
    6. 'There are a lot of vibrant colours in the traditional wear.'
    7. 'It is a vast style improvement on beach wear and ghastly ski wear.'
    8. 'Purchase bicycle clothing made of reflective fabrics or add reflective tape to all of your rainy-weather wear.'
    9. 'To say that business wear has changed in the past couple of years is an understatement.'
    10. 'And I think it's great that she is designing supercute, trendy maternity wear for your stores.'
    11. 'some new tops for wear in the evening'
    12. 'She also has an own-name, off-the-peg collection suitable for occasion wear.'
    13. 'It's a well made children's line and is cut on the big size for plenty of wear.'
    14. 'The gray physical-fitness uniform is no longer authorized for wear for physical training.'
    15. 'I love mine, but it is pretty plain, which is perfect for everyday wear, but I would like something a different colour.'
    Damage or deterioration sustained from continuous use.
    1. 'For what it is worth, this pattern does show less wear in hard use.'
    2. 'The teeth and their pattern of wear are unlike that seen in any modern mammal so what this animal ate is something of a mystery.'
    3. 'Most guarantees expressly exclude faults which are the result of misuse by the consumer, accidental damage or normal wear and tear.'
    4. 'Because car carpets are expensive, it makes sense to protect them from damage or regular wear and tear.'
    5. 'The combination of solvents and heat is hard on fabrics and may cause as much wear as actual wearing of the garment.'
    6. 'Then he handed out our textbooks; I now had a math book and a history book, and the history book sustained the more wear and tear of the two.'
    7. 'Although your body can fix itself on the fly, damage accumulates if the rate of wear and tear is greater than the rate of repair.'
    8. 'This testing also provides a great opportunity to inspect your well pump for wear of its moving parts as well as the electrical system.'
    9. 'It's not starting the engine that causes extra wear and tear.'
    10. 'As a landlord you can refuse to return their deposit if they have caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.'
    11. 'the suit has about another 10 years of normal wear left in it'
    12. 'Wildflower Farm also sells Eco Lawn, a blend of seven native grasses that grow well in arid conditions and are designed to withstand wear.'

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    1. to carry or have on the body or about the person as a covering, equipment, ornament, or the like: to wear a coat; to wear a saber; to wear a disguise.

    2. to have or use on the person habitually: to wear a wig.

    3. to bear or have in one's aspect or appearance: to wear a smile; to wear an air of triumph.

    4. to cause (garments, linens, etc.) to deteriorate or change by wear: Hard use has worn these gloves.

    5. to impair, deteriorate,

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    "people can be wear during murders."

    "people can be wear around calves."

    "people can be wear about heads."

    "officers can be wear because of lacks."

    "people can be wear."

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    Old English werian, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin vestis ‘clothing’.


    wear someone/something down
    wear off
    wear on
    wear something out (also wear out)
    wear someone/something out