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Lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; having little physical strength or energy.
  1. 'When the woman was asked why she drank so much malted milk, she explained that her weak physical state made it difficult for her to cook, so she just drank milk for nutrition.'
  2. 'He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe.'
  3. 'She was physically weak but these letters reveal a strong-minded, manipulative woman.'
  4. 'Her legs were weak from lack of exercise.'
  5. 'He thought of moving inside where it would be cooler, but he felt too weak to move.'
  6. 'I felt too weak to move, and too tired to care.'
  7. 'The condition left her confused, physically weak and exhausted.'
  8. 'He loosened his grip, but now my knees were too weak to move.'
  9. 'Some women may also see themselves as incompetent and physically weak.'
  10. 'These groups are physically weak and spend more time inside than the general population.'
  11. 'the central government had grown too weak to impose order'
  12. 'Sometimes they left the sick and weak behind in order to make it through.'
  13. 'A knight was supposed to protect the weak and defend the Church against heretics of all shades.'
  14. 'British management, being its usual weak pathetic self, tried to please everyone all the time and lost the plot.'
  15. 'The government has been very weak in terms of clarifying the case.'
  16. 'The deliberate assault on the weak is not the spirit of Socialism but of Fascism.'
  17. 'Or is it that they were raised by a strong father figure and a weak female influence?'
  18. 'But they agree its new parliament, for the moment, will be too weak to meet expectations.'
  19. 'In each case the ruling elites were chosen from weak minority groups in order to make their power dependent on the colonial power.'
  20. 'their problems arose from fielding weak teams in league matches'
  21. 'I know there are no weak teams and all the games will be hard but I genuinely believe we are the best team.'
  22. 'His team simply cannot appear weak in comparison.'
  23. 'Although they had recently beaten the home side convincingly in the cup the opposition on that day had fielded a weak team.'
  24. 'The team is so weak at cornerback that forcing the action in the opponent's backfield is the only way it can succeed.'
  25. 'Having a weak team represent the league would be like sending a donkey to race against thoroughbreds.'
  26. 'There are no weak teams left these days, and you need something extra to give you the edge - maybe a coach like Michael can do that.'
  27. 'They were a weak force, held together by little more than hatred.'
  28. 'This may raise a few eyebrows, but it is not the fault of an individual to be a member of a weak team.'
  29. 'In both 1999 and 2001, Brazil sent a weak team to the competition and was embarrassed.'
  30. 'That is, a good player drafted to a weak team is likely to be sold to a strong team where more revenue can be generated.'
  31. 'he had a weak stomach'
  32. 'Smokers have a weak sense of smell, because cigarettes destroy the inner lining of the nose.'
  33. 'We rely on our muscles to walk, lift objects and climb stairs. However, in space muscles become weaker when there is no gravity to overcome.'
  34. 'He has been left with slurred speech, and the left side of his body is weak after his brain was damaged.'
  35. 'the choruses on this recording are weak'
  36. 'Her English was weak, which was an incentive for me to work on my French.'
  37. 'They have what we can call ‘communicative competence’ even though their grammatical competence in Gaelic is weak.'
  38. 'But he's is a defensive liability, and the team already has enough weak defenders.'
  39. 'The Italian was rejected because of his weak grasp of English.'
  40. 'A pessimistic view would be that it is a question for weak students to do badly, average students to avoid, and for good students to prove.'
  41. 'He was definitely weak in language skills in elementary school, as several tests show.'
  42. 'It has long been clear that the myth of auditor independence has been a weak link in the financial reporting chain.'
  43. 'a weak plot'
  44. 'Its problems run a lot deeper than a weak, unoriginal plot or lame actors, however.'
  45. 'But it does rest on two weak assumptions steeped in a simplistic view of race.'
  46. 'The film moves along quickly enough but just as it gets going we are let down by a weak plot finish, the usual clichés, and a big feeling of disappointment.'
  47. 'For decades, such films were low-grade romances with weak plots interfused with 20-odd musical outbursts.'
  48. 'Although it has a superficial sheen, the film is mired in structural errors, weak plot contrivances and flimsy characterisation.'
  49. 'As well as affecting the way we judge other people, moods also influence our susceptibility to weak arguments.'
  50. 'I have tried to be fair, but where it seems to me that an argument is particularly strong or weak my convictions shine through.'
  51. 'It has been premiered to mixed reviews, including criticism of a weak plot, and this is not really surprising.'
  52. 'A slow-moving film with a weak plot, it trudges its way to a disappointing finish and leaves you wondering why you bothered.'
  53. 'It's a weak supposition - unworthy of the sharp-witted Miss Bennet.'
  54. 'a weak magnetic field'
  55. 'In fact, scientists could and did show that gravity was too weak a force to account for the movement of continents.'
  56. 'In many ways, the force of gravity is extremely weak.'
Liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged.
  1. 'The fence was weak and was toppled easily by a small group of protesters with a rope.'
  2. 'All willows are fast growing and short-lived, and their wood is notably weak and prone to breaking.'
  3. 'If the lead gets snagged, the weak line breaks and you may get the rig back.'
  4. 'Breeders argue that the tails will be poor, weak, easily damaged things, which will need to be amputated anyway, because they're sure to be injured.'
  5. 'Bones with osteoporosis are weak and break easily.'
  6. 'This problem makes your bones weak, so they break easily.'
  7. 'Corticosteroids cause osteoporosis or softening of bones, making them weak and more easily fractured.'
  8. 'She hated herself for being so weak in front of her parents.'
  9. 'I have a morbid fear of being seen as weak, pathetic or girly.'
  10. 'Also, a lot of people misread Diane as a weak character; she's not.'
  11. 'Chelmsford, a man of weak character and mediocre talents, marched into Zululand only to suffer one of the most humiliating defeats in British military history at Isandlwana.'
  12. 'Therefore she absolutely worshipped her son although she had been greatly disappointed in his weak character.'
  13. 'Zeph was definitely not the wimpy, useless, weak coward that he had originally seemed and she found herself almost inexplicably drawn to him.'
  14. 'In the beginning of the story Bilbo is a very weak character.'
  15. 'Many people in the world, including me, are so weak and fragile that they easily fall into temptation and make mistakes.'
  16. 'I suppose I'm weak when it comes to confrontation like that.'
  17. 'It basically makes him look like a weak, indecisive, craven leader.'
  18. 'Their coach comes across as weak, making decisions to cater for the fading hero rather than the good of the team.'
  19. 'their commitment to the project is weak'
  20. 'He is a man of strong convictions and weak commitments.'
  21. 'So the question is which of the political groups will later benefit from the population's weak attitude.'
  22. 'Even excluding that shift, the labor market is weak, and chances of a drastic improvement anytime soon appear slim.'
  23. 'But, Nationwide added, the market is usually weak in the late summer/early autumn period - a factor that contributed to the fall.'
  24. 'It's unlikely, say observers, especially during a weak market.'
  25. 'Lagged realisation prices and weak markets are likely to have affected its coal and industrial minerals businesses, but that won't outshine the good news.'
  26. 'A weak dollar might turn off foreign investors and reduce critically needed overseas capital.'
  27. 'But the big debate now in financial circles is about the weak dollar, whether it's good or bad, versus what a strong dollar should do to us, or for us.'
  28. 'The company has been hit by weak markets, a change in accounting practices and the cancellation of a contract.'
  29. 'Madden conceded that launching a crime title in the present weak market was ‘sailing into uncharted waters’, but said he was optimistic.'
Lacking intensity or brightness.
  1. 'A weak light filtered through the ice and bright sunlight shone through the opening.'
  2. 'A weak, gray light filtered into Katherine's room the next morning, gradually bringing the young woman to the land of the living.'
  3. 'The long chocolate strands flowed down his back and shoulder, small, dark waterfalls that shone in the weak light of the moon.'
  4. 'I try to keep the second exposure in the 1 to 10 second range, but exposure time may be extended to several minutes if the light source is weak.'
  5. 'The stones sparkled as they caught the weak light from the car.'
  6. 'Though it was not very bright, his vision still ached from the weak light.'
  7. 'She could see his face in the weak light from the front hall.'
  8. 'As soon as Lana flipped on the switch, letting the weak light of a flickering lamp in the corner just barely illuminate the small room, Olivia let out a small gasp of shock.'
  9. 'With that movement, a silver necklace fell out of his robes, gleaming brightly in the weak light.'
  10. 'In the darkness of the room, a weak light started to glow.'
  11. 'As you know, Ann prefers her coffee very weak, so a single cafetière and a jug of hot water were sufficient for us both.'
  12. 'She drank the weak coffee she'd bought from the vending machine and watched the clock.'
  13. 'A few seconds later, Tony came into the room with two plastic cups with brown liquid that tasted mildly of coffee, but was way too weak to be called coffee.'
  14. 'So this is my penance, she thinks, grimacing after taking another sip of the weak liquid.'
  15. 'He takes a sip from the mug in front of him, which contains weak coffee.'
  16. 'Most of the spirits found for the lower classes were weak concoctions of fermented herbs and cheap grains, and tasted much like boiled mud.'
  17. 'To remove heavy tarnish, difficult stains and corrosion: wash in hot, soapy water or a weak ammonia and water solution and rinse.'
  18. 'As Americans, we are used to drinking pots of weak coffee, diluted with milk and sugar.'
  19. 'I don't consider myself a caffeine addict, but I do drink diet Coke every evening and probably a weak coffee every day or two on average.'
  20. 'Rinse off then give a final wipe over with a weak solution of vinegar and water to produce a sparkling surface free of streaks.'
  21. 'she managed a weak, nervous smile'
  22. 'Amber couldn't help the faint blush, or the weak smile, as she nodded.'
  23. 'I looked at him when he mouthed his insult to me, and all I could muster to give back was a weak smile that was aiming to be snide.'
  24. 'Andy Roddie went closest to scoring for Peterhead just before the interval, but his weak free-kick was easily held by Colin Stewart.'
  25. 'With considerable effort Emily turned around and sent Michael a weak smile that was just shy of halfhearted.'
  26. 'Kevin stood, brushing his hair out of his eyes with a weak, nervous smile.'
  27. 'They still tapped their wrists together, though with such weak enthusiasm that they barely even felt it.'
  28. 'Then there were reminiscences over the good times the couple had together, which Jacob meets with a weak, embarrassed smile.'
  29. 'I have to say that my experiences with people that have weak handshakes have been far from good ones.'
  30. 'He tried to cast a weak, faint smile at me, and confusedly, shyly, I lowered my eyes.'
  31. 'He looked at me warily and I gave him a weak smile.'
  32. 'The lady was evidently flattered by his offer and accepted in a weak and nervous voice as he kissed her hand.'
  33. 'his beard covered a weak chin'
  34. 'This figure's weak chin, hunched shoulders and humble demeanor contribute to the poignancy and humanity of the busts.'
  35. 'He was slight, with floppy hair and a weak chin hidden by a small beard.'
  36. 'His mother was irritated by his weak chin and hang-dog appearance.'
  37. 'He looked like a natural for comedy with his weak chin, receding hairline and a nose that looked as if someone had recently slammed a car door on it.'
  38. 'The schema would consist of an initial strong syllable followed by an unspecified number (including zero) of weak syllables.'
  39. 'He pioneered a style of French text-setting in which the accentuation of weak syllables made for unusual forcefulness and clarity.'
Denoting a class of verbs in Germanic languages that form the past tense and past participle by addition of a suffix (in English, typically -ed).
  1. 'Weak verbs correspond to modern English regular verbs.'
Relating to or denoting the weakest of the known kinds of force between particles, which acts only at distances less than about 10⁻¹⁵ cm, is very much weaker than the electromagnetic and the strong interactions, and conserves neither strangeness, parity, nor isospin.
  1. 'The strong and weak nuclear coupling constants decrease with energy.'
  2. 'A theory that unifies the electromagnetic force with the weak nuclear force was developed around 1970 by Glashow, Salaam, and Weinberg.'
  3. 'To verify the theories, searches for some of these particles look to space, because particle accelerators are too weak to produce them.'


1. not strong; liable to yield, break, or collapse under pressure or strain; fragile; frail: a weak fortress; a weak spot in armor.

2. lacking in bodily strength or healthy vigor, as from age or sickness; feeble; infirm: a weak old man; weak eyes.

3. not having much political strength, governing power, or authority: a weak nation; a weak ruler.

4. lacking in force, potency, or efficacy; impotent, ineffectual, or inadequate: weak sunlight; a weak wind. |-

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"products can be weak on dates."

"prices can be weak on dates."

"places can be weak on dates."

"futures can be weak in trades."

"dates can be weak on dates."

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Old English wāc ‘pliant’, ‘of little worth’, ‘not steadfast’, reinforced in Middle English by Old Norse veikr, from a Germanic base meaning ‘yield, give way’.


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