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(of a person) travelling on foot.
  1. 'One might say that this wayfaring lad is a nephew of the wanderer in Schubert's Winter Journey '.'
  2. 'Grace Ruga was 20 years old and seven months pregnant that day in June when the wayfaring kittens arrived at her condo.'
  3. 'We had, as a tribe, sat in a circle and told the harrowing stories of our wayfaring members and I think we would never be the same.'
  4. 'I am a weary wayfaring stranger.'


The action of travelling by foot.
  1. 'Wayfaring is all about maps, creating them, using their interface and then sharing them with friends to explore or follow.'
  2. 'The title track, ‘I am a poor wayfaring stranger’, in particular is beautiful, his sensitive use of single strings recalling Luciano Berio's economical folksong arrangements.'


1. traveling, especially on foot.

More examples(as adjective)

"trees can be wayfaring."

"people can be wayfaring."

"packs can be wayfaring."

"folks can be wayfaring."

"characters can be wayfaring."

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