Adjective "waybill" definition and examples

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A list of passengers or goods being carried on a vehicle.
  1. 'a sea waybill'
  2. 'It quickly and accurately transforms the data on their cargo air waybills into a stream of financial and strategic information.'
  3. 'Your Honours, I will hand up a copy of exhibit 15, which is the air waybill.'
  4. 'At the end of the trip, he has to go through another round of number crunching to tally the waybill with the collection before entrusting it to the cash counter.'
  5. 'At NorthMart's office, Frank Alainga was swamped by stacks of cargo waybills that he was putting in order.'
  6. 'He says the waybills state that the company is not responsible for the contents of parcels it transports.'

More definitions

1. a list of goods sent by a common carrier, as a railroad, with shipping directions.

2. air waybill.

More examples(as adjective)

"numbers can be waybill."

"informations can be waybill."

"documentations can be waybill."