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A method, style, or manner of doing something; an optional or alternative form of action.
  1. 'there are two ways of approaching this problem'
  2. 'Since there is no guarantee that these machines will be benign, it is vital we find a way to remain in control.'
  3. 'They offer a wonderful chance to explore the medium of dance and find new ways of expression.'
  4. 'They will listen then encourage you to find a way to achieve what you want.'
  5. 'He has nothing but awe for his mother; is his behaviour his way of trying to be worthy of her?'
  6. 'It was the most spectacular way in which a poor boy could achieve fame and fortune.'
  7. 'If we want the arts to be meaningful, we have to find a way to reintegrate art into our lives.'
  8. 'You made it the way you wanted to make it.'
  9. 'People are going to find a way to enjoy themselves, even if it means breaking the law.'
  10. 'This is a most practical way of helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves.'
  11. 'Of course I don't do that; I try to find a way to please everyone, which is impossible.'
  12. 'Wilson is amongst a growing number of entrepreneurs trying to find a way of charging for music on the net.'
  13. 'When we get there we'll find a way to survey the property and figure out a plan of action.'
  14. 'I am not in any way saying this to be antagonistic, nor to disparage anyone's beliefs; that isn't my way, or my purpose in starting this.'
  15. 'It would be easy to rest on our laurels, but that isn't my way - and it isn't public television's, either.'
  16. 'All three plays were enjoyable and engaging in their own eccentric ways and all three directors deserve praise.'
  17. 'God's ways are not our ways, and God's methods are not always our methods.'
  18. 'With a large British community living in Cyprus the hospitable islanders are well used to British ways.'
  19. 'They remained determined to practise the ways of their ancestors.'
  20. 'he was showing off, as is the way with adolescent boys'
  21. 'That's always the way when an accomplished team gets into that position of strength.'
  22. 'I have changed in every way'
  23. 'It's all rather messy in lots of ways.'
  24. 'It was also a serious step because we know both Bob and Kate to some degree and respect them in many ways.'
  25. 'Even Drake, who was far from a child when he first met Hon Shun, had grown up in many ways these past months.'
  26. 'The concept alone is offensive in at least half a dozen different ways, so you have to admire the sheer gall of the Media Lunch team.'
  27. 'They are splendid in every way.'
  28. 'the family was in a poor way'
  29. 'So clearly if he's alive, he's in a bad way.'
A road, track, or path for travelling along.
  1. 'At this time it is unclear as to whether the Walton Way was a salt way or rather the best route to a convenient crossing of the Trent.'
  2. 'At the end of the road turn left and continue along Drovers' Way and the property to be sold is the last house on the left-hand side.'
  3. 'can you tell me the way to Leicester Square?'
  4. 'He slept most of the way there and back.'
  5. 'We went part of the way by bus, and walked the rest.'
  6. 'When they got in there they signed in for their teacher and kept on talking all the way to ninth period math class.'
  7. 'Can you tell me the way to Wapping?'
  8. 'It's not very well signposted, and we lost our way trying to reach it, but the hunt was well worth while.'
  9. 'Mr Rickwood said they will be planning the details of the route along the way.'
  10. 'I peeked across the cafeteria toward Emmett, grateful that he wasn't looking my way.'
  11. 'Sadly, the man wasn't going our way but he was very friendly.'
  12. 'I nipped out the back way'
  13. 'That evening, when Gary was done closing up for the night, he bid Mr. McCullough goodbye, stepped out the back way, mounted his bike, and headed home.'
  14. 'they still had a long way ahead of them'
  15. 'Once I had reached a little ways beyond the last place I checked I decided to turn around.'
  16. 'You can see in the aviation-mishap status update below that we have quite a ways to go to reach our goal.'
  17. 'They reached a good ways down the tunnel when Caleb felt his weakness starting to finally take over.'
  18. 'A short way further along the passage they came to a steel ladder, bolted into the wall and running up through a lightless shaft to the upper levels.'
  19. 'Yes really, we travelled all the way from Glasgow to Lake Molveno in northern Italy on a bus.'
  20. 'September was a long way off'
  21. 'Spring is a long way off.'
  22. 'Christine tried to follow but Martin blocked her way'
  23. 'get out of my way!'
  24. 'While it's uncertain whether the protest and subsequent meeting will prevent cuts, the way the governor's staff handled the whole affair is instructive: I'm told that technically they could have been arrested for blocking the way.'
  25. 'They forced their way through a wall of brush and then took wire cutters to a rusting barbed wire fence that stood in their way.'
  26. 'They asked me to get out of the way so they could take photographs of her alone.'
  27. 'I wend my way through the crowd before the artist interview begins.'
  28. 'An uncomfortable thought wormed its way to the front of my brain.'
  29. 'Della must have gone already, I think as I inch my way down the hall.'
  30. 'Her uncle weaves his way through the maze of chairs to reach her.'
  31. 'Seeing that she seemed uncomfortable with the situation, he began to worm his way to the door.'
  32. 'I nodded and watched as Alex weaved his way through the throng of people that were emerging from D block.'
  33. 'I might be coming up your way in a short while!'
  34. 'Hey, you know Sellersville isn't all that far from Philly, for anyone who's down that way, and I will be there too.'
Parts into which something divides or is divided.
  1. 'Under the scheme, the cost of the property would be divided three ways between the buyer, a bank or building society and Government.'
A person's occupation or line of business.
    Forward motion or momentum of a ship or boat through water.
    1. 'The vessel under way is bound to keep clear of another at anchor.'
    A sloping structure down which a new ship is launched.
    1. 'So the bottle would have had to be broken on her bow to send her down the ways on that day.'


    At or to a considerable distance or extent; far (used before an adverb or preposition for emphasis)
    1. 'my grandchildren are way ahead of others their age'
    2. 'This has changed, and the grey bar now heads way off to the right of the screen.'
    3. 'We lay on her bed with our arms round each other and just talked and kissed till way past two.'
    4. 'In every region of England the Greens were way ahead of them in European elections.'
    5. 'I was cycling way too fast'
    6. 'People may mock, but it's way better than my real social life.'
    7. 'They find it hard to charge for their services; they usually give way more than they ask for, and this means they scrape by.'
    8. 'the guys behind the bar were way cool'
    9. '‘Dad, you never told me we had any way cool relatives!’'

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    1. manner, mode, or fashion: a new way of looking at a matter; to reply in a polite way.

    2. characteristic or habitual manner: Her way is to work quietly and never complain.

    3. a method, plan, or means for attaining a goal: to find a way to reduce costs.

    4. a respect or particular: The plan is defective in several ways.

    5. a direction or vicinity: Look this way. We're having a drought out our way.

    6. passage or progress on a course: to make one's way on foot; to lead th

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