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A sticky yellowish mouldable substance secreted by honeybees as the material of a honeycomb; beeswax.
  1. 'Stir gently until the honey is completely combined, being careful not to overmix or the wax could emulsify into the sauce.'
  2. 'The jars are all capped with pieces of honeycomb, wax and propolis.'
  3. 'In the wild the long white caterpillars are often considered pests by beekeepers, because they feed on the hives' wax and honey.'
  4. 'Honey bees occasionally invade homes and establish a colony, building combs of wax containing honey and pollen, and brood in wall spaces.'
  5. 'Honeybees raise their larvae and pupae in individual cells on wax combs.'
  6. 'Ask whether the model needs sealing with wax or varnish, or is pre-finished.'
  7. 'The tears were the silent burning kind that slide down your cheeks like hot wax down a candle.'
  8. 'If you have been using a paste furniture wax like beeswax and you see ripples, you have applied too much.'
  9. 'White wax finds use in cosmetics purely because it presents a better appearance.'
  10. 'The jug had been sealed with a large disc of cork, onto which about half an inch of translucent wax had been poured as an airtight seal.'
  11. 'Common finishes include wax, varnish, and oil- or water-based polyurethane.'
  12. 'The raindrops ran like melted wax on his white cheeks.'
  13. 'Desirée stifled a laugh as she swept the candles and bits of wax into a dustpan.'
  14. 'Along the streets lamps were covered in flowers, icons and hand-written messages, stuck up with coloured candle wax.'
  15. 'Modern lubricants are either petroleum or synthetic chemicals, sometimes with a bit of wax thrown in.'
  16. 'In the attendant chaos of too many people in one room, someone dropped hot wax from a burning candle on her bare hand.'
  17. 'He experimented by exposing paraffin wax to crushed Salvia leaves and found the solid wax readily adsorbed the volatile terpenes from the air.'
  18. 'The chapel stank of expensive perfume, incense, and candle wax.'
  19. 'It's also a good idea to wax your wood floor once a year with a good solvent-based liquid or paste wax.'
  20. 'The shop has a range of delicate snowmen, deer, bears, angels and various Christmas specials made of wax and resin.'
  21. 'The fire was believed to have been caused by candle wax dripping on to paper.'
  22. 'When mixed with oil or wax, high explosives become like clay.'
  23. 'The wax that the Stanford scientists chose isn't exactly dinner-table candle wax, but it's pretty close.'
  24. 'Candle wax is resistant to water and any water-soluble cleaner.'
  25. 'Wax can usually be easily removed.'
Used in reference to records.
  1. 'So what would make three of the most influential artists in New York decide to do that on wax?'
  2. 'So I definitely saw it before it got on wax, and I've seen it change so much.'
  3. 'He seems to be spending more time on screen than on wax.'
  4. 'Joining them is someone who is much better live then he is on wax.'
  5. 'Hitting more bum notes than an inexperienced boy band isn't easy, but recording it and committing it to wax is another thing.'


Cover or treat (something) with wax or a similar substance, typically to polish or protect it.
  1. 'Those employees with vehicle duties will be expected to completely wash and wax the vehicles they are assigned to once a week.'
  2. 'Wages for most of the janitors averaged $5.50 an hour (slightly higher for those who waxed floors and cleaned windows).'
  3. 'I help Grandad wash and wax the truck, and he puts on his best suit while Mom and Grandma figure out the exact wording of the message he's to take to Ben Dawson.'
  4. 'He said he earned $6 an hour washing and waxing floors using chemicals that caused nosebleeds, sore eyes and skin irritations.'
  5. 'If you shine it, wax it, wash it, admire it, take photographs of it and never use it, what's the point?'
  6. 'If the choice is between taking a brisk walk and waxing the kitchen floor, choose the walk.'
  7. 'Its surface had to be cleaned and waxed once a week.'
  8. 'The next day I decided that I would actually wash and wax it myself as it gives a better shine. So I'm out on the drive, polishing my car.'
  9. 'Some men might liken this to washing and waxing their car.'
  10. 'If a brass or copper lamp does not have a special no-tarnish finish, you can polish it or wax it after you wash and dry it.'
  11. 'We always had time to play with him, go to the shore, build planes, wash and wax the car, do math.'
  12. 'From dressing for a beach wedding to waxing your body hair and tucking in shirts properly, we've got your fashion fix.'
  13. 'Tim recalls being afraid the first time he had his eyebrows waxed seven years ago, and Harry admits to similar fears.'
  14. 'I exercise, I have good hygiene, I try to wear what flatters me, I even went so far as to get my legs waxed and my hair done.'
  15. 'I would certainly not be waxing any body hair of mine.'
  16. 'Some might like the concept of waxing their armpits.'
Make a recording of.
  1. 'the latest waxing by the Grams'


A fit of anger.

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    1. Also called beeswax. a solid, yellowish, nonglycerine substance allied to fats and oils, secreted by bees, plastic when warm and melting at about 145°F, variously employed in making candles, models, casts, ointments, etc., and used by bees in constructing their honeycomb.

    2. any of various similar substances, as spermaceti or the secretions of certain insects and plants.Compare vegetable wax, wax insect.

    3. any of a group of substances composed of hydrocarbons, alcohols, fatty

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    "strings can be waxed for lines."

    "papers can be waxed."

    "jackets can be waxed."

    "moustaches can be waxed."

    "woods can be waxed."

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    (wax)Mid 19th century: origin uncertain; perhaps from phrases such as wax angry.