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Move one's hand to and fro in greeting or as a signal.
  1. 'Don't encourage your children to wave from the windows, as they might try to climb up when you're out of the room.'
  2. 'She waved over her shoulder as she walked out of the hospital room.'
  3. 'The little figure on the monitor was waving directly at the camera.'
  4. 'I waved out the window to my friends, dreading the conversation I was going to have with my parents when I got home.'
  5. 'I saw her mom's face looking from the window and I waved, but she disappeared behind the curtain.'
  6. 'She caught sight of him and waved with a huge smile plastered on her face.'
  7. 'The great man waved to the crowds in the main grandstand, and gentle applause wafted back at him.'
  8. 'He didn't come out, he didn't wave or slide the window open to yell for me.'
  9. 'I found Jeremy sitting at one of the tables by the lunch room window and waved.'
  10. 'He walked me home and waited until I waved from my window to leave.'
  11. 'he waved a sheaf of papers in the air'
  12. 'I stared at the cigarette the girl was waving in front of my face.'
  13. 'They have no use for the dignified thumb sign, but wave their hands recklessly in an attempt to attract the rider and somehow get him to stop.'
  14. 'Everyone is waving their arms and talking at once.'
  15. 'They started cheering madly waving their school flags as well.'
  16. 'She does her normal move of waving her fan and producing a wall of spikes to kill her enemy.'
  17. 'A man said that as he turned onto Buckley Road, a bearded man waved his fist and scared him.'
  18. 'Chad smiled and waved his hand, shaking his head.'
  19. 'Later she went on a walkabout from Durham Market Place to Millennium Place where people, cheering and waving Union Jacks, packed the pavements to see her.'
  20. '‘No, no,’ he demurs, waving his hands in front of his face.'
  21. 'Her eyelids open even more as she struggles to focus on what I'm waving under her nose.'
  22. with two objects 'she waved him goodbye'
  23. 'Raine turned to leave, waving her boss good-bye as she wobbled like a goose towards the frost-lined door of the small book-store.'
  24. 'She was waving her goodbyes like a queen leaving her loving subject.'
  25. 'The villagers all line the dock, tears welling in their respective eyes, waving a mournful farewell to the departing sailors.'
  26. 'A new survey reveals that less than a quarter of people wait on the platform to wave their loved one farewell until the train has pulled out.'
  27. 'But for today you wave a sad farewell as it floats back off into the night sky.'
  28. 'She waves a wistful goodbye to him and blows him a kiss.'
  29. 'Lucie and Manfred were standing nearby, waving the general good-bye.'
  30. 'Sky says she will see them all next week and waves them good bye.'
  31. 'I pass Peggy on the way out; she waves a quick goodbye and then continues talking on the phone.'
  32. 'I waved greetings in the general direction of the blokes, and smiled at the girls.'
  33. 'Davis agreed, and both men were waved past a metal detector.'
  34. 'The secretary waves the Captain into the Director's office.'
  35. 'For example, guards may wave people they know through, leaving no record of who is in the facility.'
  36. 'He waves the men - his bodyguards, or so it would seem - away, and motions for me to sit.'
  37. 'She motioned the next person forward while waving him off.'
  38. 'One of the nearby guards stepped forward with his weapon brandished, but she waved him back.'
  39. 'At every intersection, in every town, there was a traffic policeman or two, waving us on.'
  40. 'Police were running from the scene and waving people away.'
  41. 'But this visit wasn't on my behalf; Aaron left me at the door and moved toward a table of other vampires who waved him over.'
  42. 'The men wouldn't let me close to him, waving me away.'
Move to and fro with a swaying motion while remaining fixed to one point.
  1. 'His dark hair fell to his shoulders, waving slightly in the breeze.'
  2. 'Banners and purple flags waved in the brisk cold breeze.'
  3. 'He turned to face Mindy, her ravishing, long brown hair waving in the slight breeze.'
  4. 'And there's American flags waving in the background, and plenty of 'em.'
  5. 'She cried out, her arms waving frantically in the air as she sought to keep her balance.'
  6. 'Motorcycles and cars roam the streets with palm-sized Indonesian flags waving.'
  7. 'He saw the yellow and black police tape waving eerily in the strong wind.'
  8. 'The rolling hills stretched out before them, the grass waving in the wind.'
  9. 'You could barely see the folk for the flags waving.'
  10. 'Sure enough, the flags waving high in the streets of the city bore the crest of Northwind, where Jessie's husband, Ben, was Duke.'
Style (hair) so that it curls slightly.
  1. 'He was in his forties, she guessed, with thick, dark, waved hair and big baby-blue eyes.'
  2. 'For the model above the hair was waved with a stacked perm at the back of the neck to get volume up to the occipital bone, and layered and textured through the front.'
  3. 'thick, waving grey hair sprouted back from his forehead'
  4. 'Most of my hair was waving down my shoulders in soft waves, shining with the golden sheer cloth hanging all around.'
  5. 'The teacher was short with curly brown hair waving down to her shoulders, but she looked extremely strict for her type.'
  6. 'Her reddish-golden hair was waving around past her shoulders, and shining as usual.'
  7. 'Turning his head down, golden hair waving atop his head, he spit out an apple seed.'
  8. 'Her long red hair waved down her back and her huge brown eyes glinted in the mirror.'


A long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore.
  1. 'The image of a pristine island - azure waves lapping at the shore, palm trees silhouetted in the setting sun - is synonymous with paradise.'
  2. 'More remarkably, fish actually emerge from the ocean, riding high waves onto shore to spawn on the sandy beaches.'
  3. 'Just listen to the song of the lark, the lapping of the waves on the shore.'
  4. 'Huge waves slammed into the shores of remote, north-east coast village two weeks ago, destroying its thriving fishing industry.'
  5. 'It was the voices of a thousand songbirds, of waves lapping against the shore, and of a pack of wolves, mourning the loss of their leader.'
  6. 'While the guys attempted to body surf the waves, the girls laid out on the sand to tan.'
  7. 'The waves hammering the shore cause the bulk of the damage in a hurricane landfall.'
  8. 'I remembered the young soldier on the cliff top standing with me in silence as we looked down at the peaceful waves lapping the shore beneath us.'
  9. 'Its job is to return to the sea the water that comes to shore with the breaking waves.'
  10. 'Above him, sea birds wheeled and called and although he couldn't see a beach, he could hear the gentle wash of waves on the shore.'
  11. 'gulls and cormorants bobbed on the waves'
  12. 'The artist had been set afloat at sea in a large clear bubble, naked, as several other empty bubbles bobbed on the waves around him.'
  13. 'I was first confused, then enraged, as he bobbed in the waves repeating his taunting question.'
  14. 'After a short but thorough lesson on handling our craft we were away, bobbing through the gentle waves.'
  15. 'The superstructure was built atop several huge columns, criss-crossed with stabilising struts, protruding from the waves.'
  16. 'We waded across to Witch Island, the warm waves gently lapping our legs.'
  17. 'Occasionally, we would jump in to the salt water and bob about in the waves to cool off.'
  18. 'The tide slapped against the dock wall, and seagulls croaked as they bobbed on the waves, or flew above their heads.'
  19. 'This powerful two-hander set on the open waves chilled me to the bone.'
  20. 'Closest the Loyalty, her brother's ship, bobbed with the gentle waves of the harbor.'
  21. 'Once in the water, the upswept bow and flared sides allow it to handle waves while the shallow arc bottom provides stability.'
  22. 'It stretches in concrete waves over the horizon and Kaliningrad is its greatest monumental evocation.'
  23. 'In fact on the rare occasions when she did unbraid her dark blonde tresses they flowed down her back in a rippling wave, permanently creased from the braiding.'
  24. 'The long ripened grass rippled in waves for miles along the undulating countryside.'
A sudden occurrence of or increase in a phenomenon, feeling, or emotion.
  1. 'fear came over me in waves'
  2. 'This latest wave of violence is being looked at very closely.'
  3. 'The United States also pledged $350m to help tsunami victims, a tenfold increase over its first wave of aid.'
  4. 'Their plans sent the first wave of bright-eyed immigrants back to Palestine in 1881.'
  5. 'Discussions with school officials indicate that waves of immigration differ for the ethnic groups.'
  6. 'Waves of immigrants began to flow into Mauritania in the third century AD.'
  7. 'Momentum was increased by a fresh wave of Russian pogroms in 1903.'
  8. 'Waves of energy arrive, waves upon waves of sadness, of despair.'
  9. 'But I'll tell you, it hasn't stopped this wave of illegal immigration.'
  10. 'So will one the features of this new age - in addition to the welcome growth in sexual openness - be a terrible wave of increased sexual assaults?'
  11. 'And this latest wave of complaints about the behavior won't be the last.'
A gesture or signal made by moving one's hand to and fro.
  1. 'The group use the hand waves to signal their agreement or disagreement, and a minute-taker speaks only to clarify points raised.'
  2. 'Seeing that Christian is now awake, Lucas gives a small wave, gesturing for the younger boy to open the window.'
  3. 'Then with a small wave, he walked down the hallway and out the door.'
  4. '‘Your Majesty,’ she began, but he cut her off with a gesture, a wave of a hand that was clearly royal.'
  5. 'However he did say a brief hello to everyone and had friendly waves and handshakes for all.'
  6. 'She acknowledged the gesture with a wave of her own.'
  7. 'On the way back from the bathroom I have to pass by them he catches my eye and smiles so I just give a little wave and keep walking as I don't want to interrupt his picking up.'
  8. 'We greeted each other with a wave and I gestured for him to look at the door.'
  9. 'She tried to smile warmly at him, but it turned more into a grimace, so she sufficed with a simple wave before walking on.'
  10. 'From the opening handshake to the final wave, Tabby did most of the talking and came across as a genuinely charming character.'
A slightly curling lock of hair.
  1. 'Anyway, I didn't quite succeed at getting those stupid waves out of my hair, so I tied it up.'
  2. 'Everyone knew her hair dried in loose waves, which would shine from all of the delicate oils.'
  3. 'My super long (hip length) dark brown hair cascades out down my shoulders and back settling in waves and ringlets all about.'
  4. 'She recognized the shaggy brown locks that fell in waves around his boyish face, belying the fact that he was her senior by a handful of years.'
  5. 'His unruly dark waves of hair had been blowing across his forehead.'
  6. 'The woman chuckled and shook her head, her chestnut brown waves of hair falling over her shoulders.'
  7. 'Black, glossy waves of hair brushed her bare shoulders.'
  8. 'Her glistening blue eyes shone in his mind, and the waves of curled red locks that fell constantly into those sapphire gems trailed across his vision.'
  9. 'His dirty blonde waves of hair were tousled slightly and his tan arms were smudged with grease and dirt, but he still had me drawn.'
  10. 'In disregard for the current fashion, she wore her hair in loose golden waves and opted for sleeker skirts than the huge domed tents that were in style.'
  11. 'her hair has a slight natural wave'
  12. 'We finger-styled Tamara's hair fresh out of the shower, coaxing out the natural wave in her otherwise pin-straight hair.'
  13. 'He was clean shaven, had dark hair which was around one-and-a-half inches long with a slight wave, and was wearing a black hooded top with black jeans.'
  14. 'Her hair had a slight wave to it from it always being in a ponytail.'
  15. 'Applied to wet hair, it stretches out the wave to mimic the texture of relaxed hair.'
  16. 'I have a slight wave in my hair so it looks choppy when it is roughly cut.'
  17. 'Sure, my outfit was great and my hair held a natural wave that I didn't want to mess with.'
A periodic disturbance of the particles of a substance which may be propagated without net movement of the particles, such as in the passage of undulating motion, heat, or sound.
  1. 'This imbalance creates pressure waves which propagate through the early universe.'
  2. 'Song production clearly involves some metabolic cost to a bird because energy is transmitted to the surroundings in the form of sound pressure waves.'
  3. 'The amplitude of a wave tells you how much energy the wave has.'
  4. 'When cornering the first one we found out that when the tracking device was positioned in between the two signals that the wave was disrupted.'
  5. 'The shape, size, and configuration of the transmitting antenna defines the wave frequency and the shape of the transmitted wave.'
  6. 'Information lies in the frequency and amplitude of the waves recorded in different channels.'

More definitions

1. a disturbance on the surface of a liquid body, as the sea or a lake, in the form of a moving ridge or swell.

2. any surging or progressing movement or part resembling a wave of the sea: a wave of the pulse.

3. a swell, surge, or rush, as of feeling or of a certain condition: a wave of disgust sweeping over a person; a wave of cholera throughout the country.

4. a widespread feeling, opinion, tendency, etc.: a wave of anti-intellectualism; the new wave of installment buying.

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"flags can be waving."

"banners can be waving."

"placards can be waving."

"handkerchiefs can be waving."

"branches can be waving."

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(wave)Old English wafian (verb), from the Germanic base of waver; the noun by alteration (influenced by the verb) of Middle English wawe ‘(sea) wave’.


wave something aside
wave someone/something down