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Consisting of, containing, or resembling water.
  1. 'Now the earth was without shape and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the watery deep, but the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the water.'
  2. 'So, we shall continue feeding them, and work to keep their watery world a healthy place for them, and hope that nature will take its course and effect their gradual disappearance.'
  3. 'Also, avoid ingredients that are watery or juicy, or pizza will be soggy.'
  4. 'They're rather grotesque in that their body is very, very watery and slimy and when you get very large bags of them they tend to sort of slime up the net.'
  5. 'He had to be guided through these uncharted, watery jungles.'
  6. 'Erica pleaded, tears streaming from her closed eyes, making thin watery tracks down her pale cheeks.'
  7. 'Saliva is a watery fluid that helps to wash away and neutralise the acid.'
  8. 'And Birmingham TV just showed one watery shot from New Orleans, and there appears to be serious flooding there.'
  9. 'I'm not trying that again… He lifted his heavy bulk from the watery depths and onto the grass.'
  10. 'And on a rainy day, every nook holds promise of a watery grave.'
  11. 'as the smoke blew into her face, her eyes went red and watery'
  12. 'Brett searched her watery eyes and his heart broke for her.'
  13. 'Katie looked up at her with questioning blue eyes, still watery with tears.'
  14. 'I looked at him and saw that his eyes had become watery.'
  15. 'I saw his eyes get watery, but nothing came forth.'
  16. 'Almost in tears, my eyes starts to get watery, puffy, and red.'
  17. 'Through watery eyes, she squinted to see who her assailant was.'
  18. 'I felt my eyes begin to get bigger and start to get watery.'
  19. '"Don't ever do that again to me," she said with slightly watery eyes.'
  20. 'I'm just… I just… My eyes are a little watery, is all.'
  21. 'Sarah pouted as she stared up at him, with really watery eyes.'
  22. 'Gnawing on hard biscuits and gulping down watery coffee, I listen to Woolford.'
  23. 'Worst of all, when you try to make a light chowder, you end up sacrificing flavor and heartiness, and the soup becomes watery and bland.'
  24. 'Sitting around the kitchen table everyone drunk the black watery coffee that Betsy had made.'
  25. 'Best of all, for those who have spent years of misery denying themselves the foods they love and existing on watery cabbage soup in a vain attempt to regain the shape they had as a teenager, it does seem to work.'
  26. 'I drink my coffee drink, which is watery and gross.'
  27. 'Their blueberry sauce managed to be thick but watery and tasteless at the same time.'
  28. 'And the broth was fine- a bit watery, but acceptably flavorful.'
  29. 'I was given a bowl of some very watery stew and a cup of water.'
  30. 'The eggs weren't runny, and the grits were loose, but not watery.'
  31. 'It was a thin meal, a watery gruel tossed into a large pot which each slave was allowed to take five handfuls from.'
  32. 'watery sunshine'
  33. 'I tried; it was a very watery, very shaky smile, but a smile nonetheless.'
  34. 'Anyway, his performance is pretty watery and weak and blah.'
  35. 'Gregory gave off a very watery smile, and tried not to embarrass himself.'
  36. 'He shifts, muttering about a stupid feather, and I crack a weak, watery smile, my lip trembling.'
  37. 'It is time to stop pretending that diplomacy, watery sanctions, and under-funded humanitarian aid are always enough.'
  38. 'With a sigh of relief she had watched the steel grey clouds roll away and watery sunshine glimmer through.'
  39. 'The steady rain of an hour earlier had died away; replaced by watery sunshine which illuminated the huge iron gates set in an immense stretch of high stone wall.'
  40. 'The light is weak and watery and the air reeks of woodsmoke, but at least it is not raining, a blessing to those who must spend a long, laborious day harvesting olives ahead of the inevitable frost.'
  41. 'Jubilee's red had wilted into a weak, watery pink and several other faeries looked like pastels.'
  42. 'A watery sun shone down on the Army as they entered the endless northern forest.'


1. pertaining to or connected with water: watery Neptune.

2. full of or abounding in water, as soil or a region; soggy; boggy.

3. containing much or too much water: a watery paste; a watery batter.

4. soft, soggy, tasteless, etc., due to excessive water or overcooking: watery vegetables; a watery stew.

5. tearful.

6. of the nature of water: watery vapor.

7. resembling water in appearance or color: eyes of a watery blue.

8. resembling water in fluidity and absenc

More examples(as adjective)

"helmets can be watery to straps."

"helmets can be watery from spikes."

"eyes can be watery."

"graves can be watery."

"diarrhoeas can be watery."

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Old English wæterig (see water, -y).