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A mechanism for raising, conveying, or distributing water.
    In plural The system of reservoirs, pipes, and machinery by which water is obtained, stored, purified, and supplied to an area or a town; a water pumping or purifying station.
      In plural figurative euphemism. The urinary system.
        A kind of mural painted in imitation of a tapestry in size or distemper. Now historical.
          Chiefly in plural Work concerned with hydraulic engineering, irrigation, drainage, etc. Now rare.
            A device or structure which produces an ornamental or spectacular display of water; an ornamental fountain or cascade. Also: a display of this type. Usually in plural Compare "firework" 3c. Now chiefly historical.
              Tears, weeping, especially when regarded as being forced, cynically manipulative, or overdramatic. In later use often in "to turn on the waterworks".
                In other figurative uses: †lava flow (obsolete rare); rain.
                  In various contexts: a thing done or occurring in, on, or by means of water. Also as a mass noun: activity performed with or in water.

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                    1. (used with a singular or plural verb) a complete system of reservoirs, pipelines, conduits, etc., by which water is collected, purified, stored, and pumped to urban users.

                    2. (used with a singular verb) a pumping station or a purifying station of such a system.

                    3. (usually used with a plural verb). Sometimes, waterwork. a spectacular display of water, mechanically produced, as for a pageant.

                    4. (used with a singular or plural verb) Slang. tears, or the source of t

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                    "bidders can be waterwork."


                    (waterworks)Late Middle English. From water + work.