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Closely sealed, fastened, or fitted so that no water enters or passes through.
  1. 'The watertight seals over structural joints tend to deteriorate over time as the caulking becomes less sticky and dislodges.'
  2. 'These little guys would be hand-raised by the Penguin Reserve and subsequent surgeries performed to remove scar tissue until the area was healed and watertight.'
  3. 'In any event it was designed only to be weathertight not watertight.'
  4. 'We spent £250,000 on it last year and are looking to move on to the next stage, to make the building watertight.'
  5. 'Because of the freeze-and-thaw cycle, concrete dikes tend to require annual maintenance to seal cracks and remain watertight.'
  6. 'The heat is oppressive, and you realize it the moment you step through the watertight door onto the weather deck of any ship in the gulf.'
  7. 'Seals and seams are known to be less than watertight, and many divers make do with damp suits rather than drysuits.'
  8. 'But how will I live without something watertight underfoot, you ask?'
  9. 'However, the seal proved to be less than watertight.'
  10. 'When the sections compress the rubber, this should form a watertight seal.'
(of an argument or account) unable to be disputed or questioned.
  1. 'While mobile phone records can be scoured from here to eternity, anything short of recorded conversations seems unlikely to constitute watertight evidence.'
  2. 'Merton's arguments are often hypothetical, but the logic is always watertight on closer scrutiny.'
  3. 'At least I've finally found a watertight argument against Alec ever moving me to the countryside.'
  4. 'He went on to state that all aspects of anti-social behaviour have to be examined and a case would have to be watertight before the local authority went to court seeking to evict a tenant.'
  5. 'A fully informed, carefully and methodically reasoned, conceptually watertight political argument lies well outside them.'
  6. 'But if you are going to claim that Mexican immigrants don't want to be Americans, your argument had better be watertight.'
  7. 'Phillip's argument isn't exactly the most watertight.'
  8. 'I've no doubt there all kinds of holes in this logic, and many examples that could suggest these arguments are less than watertight.'
  9. 'But remember, this is entertainment not the Special Theory of Relativity - it doesn't have to be mathematically watertight.'
  10. 'No justification is good enough - or none short of a watertight deductive argument, and all but the sceptics will agree that this is too much to demand.'


1. constructed or fitted so tightly as to be impervious to water: The ship had six watertight compartments.

2. so devised or planned as to be impossible to defeat, evade, or nullify: a watertight contract; a watertight alibi.

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"ships can be watertight in harbours."

"people can be watertight for athletes."

"deals can be watertight in terms."

"cases can be watertight."

"compartments can be watertight."

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