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The edge of or area adjoining a sea, lake, or river.
  1. 'waterside vegetation'
  2. 'Probably they were already holding an unofficial market there by the waterside, and some may even have been residing there.'
  3. 'A line of huge, fresh cat's paw prints led from the waterside, over the sand to a pair of feathery scrape-marks like angels' wings in snow.'
  4. 'In a waterside hotel in the heart of the Home Counties, we can hear the rushing of the stream through open windows.'
  5. 'There were a lot of rocks to pick through, and it was a ways down, but once I perched on the rocks by the waterside it was worth it.'
  6. 'The various waterside hotels offer all the usual watersports that can be found anywhere but the real thrills are under the water.'
  7. 'It could be the end of the decade before deckchairs and parasols appear, but the city has taken the first step to creating a waterside resort.'
  8. 'I always mix my groundbait at the waterside and always with lake water.'
  9. 'Always take your baits to the water in a insulated cool bag which will help keep the baits in tip-top condition during your stay by the waterside.'
  10. 'When I meet a fisherman on one of my waterside rambles, he may mention birds I haven't seen.'
  11. 'West Wiltshire District Council has agreed in principle to free up some land for the proposed redevelopment of the waterside area of Trowbridge.'

More definitions

1. the margin, bank, or shore of a river, lake, ocean, etc. adjective

2. of, relating to, or situated at the waterside: waterside insects; a waterside resort.

3. working by the waterside: waterside police.

More examples(as adjective)

"workers can be waterside."

"highways can be waterside."

"townships can be waterside."

"footpathses can be waterside."