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The large melon-like fruit of a plant of the gourd family, with smooth green skin, red pulp, and watery juice.
  1. 'There's nothing wrong with eating watermelon, provided you eat a slice rather than 10 of them.'
  2. 'A cantaloupe doesn't have the smooth sheen of a honeydew or the artistic green striations of a watermelon.'
  3. 'Mature coconuts are found to have little flesh, and the juice is watery; while other garden produce such as pumpkins, greens and watermelons are not growing well.'
  4. 'Most of the larger fruits such as pumpkins and watermelons, and some of the bigger vegetables such as gourds and tubers, are easier to carve into novel shapes.'
  5. 'In each photograph she has included one or more smashed watermelons.'
  6. 'The green piles of watermelons, which herald the scorching season ahead, are favoured thirst-quenchers.'
  7. 'There were mangoes, apples, oranges, pears, watermelons, melons, kiwis and some other strange fruits that I hadn't seen before nicely cut up and neatly arranged in matching bowls and plates.'
  8. 'The agricultural district, in which rice and watermelons and fruits and vegetables were grown in abundance, suddenly discovered a new, lucrative alternative crop.'
  9. 'The impact blasted watermelons and oranges and tomatoes all over the sidewalk.'
  10. 'He grows several dozen crops, including artichokes, shallots, watermelons, garlic, and many types of greens.'
The African plant which yields watermelons.

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    1. the large, roundish or elongated fruit of a trailing vine, Citrullus lanata, of the gourd family, having a hard, green rind and a sweet, juicy, usually pink or red pulp.

    2. the vine itself.

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    "sellers can be watermelon."

    "vendors can be watermelon."

    "rinds can be watermelon."