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Saturated with or full of water.
  1. 'the game was called off because of a waterlogged pitch'
  2. 'Traffic jams were seen during the rush hours due to waterlogged and potholed roads.'
  3. 'Unless works were initiated on a war footing, epidemic might break out in waterlogged areas, he warned.'
  4. 'In fairness to both sides they had to contend with atrocious conditions with the playing surface waterlogged in several places.'
  5. 'It is easily propagated through seeds and grows well in any soil except waterlogged areas.'
  6. 'Police believe the car may have aquaplaned on the waterlogged motorway because of the heavy rain.'
  7. 'Scientists this week finished removing sediment from the ballast tanks of the sub after recovering a coil of waterlogged rope.'
  8. 'Twice this year, little leaks have caused ceilings to become waterlogged and come crashing down.'
  9. 'When the rope got waterlogged, they lugged more of the heavy framed canvases up the stairs.'
  10. 'Parts of the Northeast and Midwest are starting the week waterlogged by summer storms.'
  11. 'Slurry must not be spread on waterlogged or frozen soils or if heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours.'


1. so filled or flooded with water as to be heavy or unmanageable, as a ship.

2. excessively saturated with or as if with water: waterlogged ground; waterlogged with fatigue.

More examples(as adjective)

"soils can be waterlogged for weeks."

"plants can be waterlogged after things."

"books can be waterlogged in places."

"books can be waterlogged in floods."

"areas can be waterlogged from floods."

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Mid 18th century: past participle of the verb waterlog, from water + the verb log.