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A person who makes and repairs watches and clocks.
  1. 'At the same time there were harness makers, tailors, dressmakers, builders, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, watchmakers, saddlers, masons and carpenters.'
  2. 'This contact of his had passed on to him a list of slightly disreputable jewelers and watchmakers in the area, on which I was rather impressed and a bit taken aback to find my appearance.'
  3. 'Known as ‘pair-case’ watches, they were usually made of silver, gold being reserved for fine watches by renowned watchmakers.'
  4. 'There were 47 pawnbrokers in the Borough, 38 of whom dealt in gold and silver plate, and 55 persons carried on business as watchmakers.'
  5. 'In particular, he supported a group of watchmakers, cajoling his contacts into buying their products.'
  6. 'If you doubt the power of the aesthetics of clockwork, look at the prices in a smart watchmaker's shop.'
  7. 'Again, not many watchmakers bother today, so they seem to end up on his bench but he admits it would take a hard man to turn a customer away who wanted a family heirloom repaired, especially clocks such as these.'
  8. 'For a watch to be unique, the watchmaker should design and manufacture most of the different parts rather than simply source components from another supplier.'

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1. a person whose occupation it is to make and repair watches.

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