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A list of individuals, groups, or items that require close surveillance, typically for legal or political reasons.
  1. 'The other shows in my regular watch list are: The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Doctor Who, MediaWatch.'
  2. 'The FBI already had two people on its watch list.'
  3. 'They'd probably be shocked to find their phone calls on the watch list.'
  4. 'For the best system using a watch list of 25 people, the detection and identification rate is 77%.'
  5. 'About 40 officers still remain on the watch list.'
  6. 'These, therefore, are the guys you want to start your watch list for next year with, although in this case there is a caveat.'
  7. 'Now, in September, as you recall, he was denied entry in the U.S. and his plane diverted when his name turned up on a watch list.'
  8. 'Taking everything into account, this is another stock I'm going to keep on my watch list, waiting for a slightly more favourable entry price.'
  9. 'My watch list now includes a total of about 30 stocks and funds.'
  10. 'It was revealed in court Tuesday that she was on a watch list and had entered the U.S. possibly as many as 250 times.'

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1. a list of persons or things to watch for possible action in the future: a watch list of possible growth stocks.

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"people can be watchlist."


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