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Watching someone or something closely; alert and vigilant.
  1. 'Police officers in small groups stood around keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings, an unobtrusive presence.'
  2. 'The Forest Department should be given more manpower to keep a watchful eye on the resources.'
  3. 'Now the parents are issuing a stark warning to other parents, urging them to keep a watchful eye on their children.'
  4. 'You must be ever watchful, and never once let your guard down when close to the darkness.'
  5. 'People living in the area are having their cars targeted over and over again, despite being under the watchful eye of the police.'
  6. 'Police have warned residents to keep a watchful eye on their homes after a spate of break-ins'
  7. 'He still keeps a watchful eye on the rugby world, although these pages are too small to relate all he has to say on that matter.'
  8. 'It should keep a close and watchful eye on safety precautions in all facilities.'
  9. 'I must be especially watchful for assumptions which can be the root of misunderstandings.'
  10. 'She smiled, and turned to look up into Anthony's watchful gaze.'


1. vigilant or alert; closely observant: The sentry remained watchful throughout the night.

2. Archaic. wakeful.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be watchful of securities."

"markets can be watchful of figures."

"traders can be watchful of places."

"regulators can be watchful of things."

"people can be watchful of inflations."

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