Adjective "wastepaper" definition and examples

(Wastepaper may not be an adjective, but it can be used as an adjective, click here to find out.)

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A receptacle for small quantities of rubbish.
  1. 'I have now remade the bed, emptied all the wastepaper baskets and hoovered upstairs.'
  2. 'A woman called Lola arrived at HQ with some denunciations which went into the wastepaper basket as soon as her back was turned.'
  3. 'Tomorrow, we will have to consign other laws to the wastepaper basket.'
  4. 'Raoul was not amused to find me flicking my chewing gum into a priceless installation piece I assumed was a wastepaper basket.'
  5. 'He laid his car keys down on the table and was about to throw the junk mail in the wastepaper basket under the table when he noticed it was full.'
  6. 'If the pamphlet is directed at a non-Irish audience I very much doubt if it will get farther than their wastepaper baskets.'
  7. 'In addition to cleaning the offices, the job entailed sifting through the wastepaper baskets and any unlocked cupboards attempting to find any trace of more than a hundred lost files.'

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1. paper thrown away as useless.

More examples(as adjective)

"processings can be wastepaper."

"companies can be wastepaper."

"capacities can be wastepaper."

"baskets can be wastepaper."