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(of a person, action, or process) using or expending something of value carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.
  1. 'North Americans are too wasteful, and too ready to turn a blind eye to it.'
  2. 'It's a very wasteful process, almost entirely due to the fine mesh of the nets.'
  3. 'This is a wasteful process causing a net loss of nitrogen to the animal and pollution of the environment.'
  4. 'The stuff about them being more dangerous and needlessly wasteful is true, but that's just extra ammunition.'
  5. 'Other items of wasteful consumption include unused gym subscriptions and sports equipment.'
  6. 'Similar examples of irrational and wasteful uses of water can be found elsewhere.'
  7. 'They have also dismissed the borough's 30th anniversary event as wasteful.'
  8. 'This saves the society from wasteful investment and ensures efficient use of scarce resources.'
  9. 'She has a lot of lavish, wasteful spending in her budget in particular, and I'd like to cut that.'
  10. 'As energy prices soar, it will seem ludicrously wasteful to cart goods halfway round the world.'


1. given to or characterized by useless consumption or expenditure: wasteful methods; a wasteful way of life.

2. grossly extravagant; prodigal: a wasteful party.

3. devastating or destructive: wasteful war.

More examples(as adjective)

"structures can be wasteful of memories."

"strings can be wasteful of memories."

"situations can be wasteful of times."

"records can be wasteful of times."

"productions can be wasteful by sorts."

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