Adjective "washy" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


(of food or drink) too watery.
  1. 'a weak and washy production'
(of a colour) having a faded look.
  1. 'Much grandiose painting business is imposed on top of a large blue spiral enclosing washy green transparencies.'
  2. 'In each of these works, a washy monochromatic ground has been marked with white whiplash lines.'
  3. 'A washy monochrome, its broad rectangles of turpentine-thinned burnt sienna lack not only the powerful materiality of the other paintings, but the intensity of fully saturated color as well.'
  4. 'In one, the stick-straight, regular strokes, painted light against a washy dark so that fine black lines halo every gesture, suggest bare twigs caught in an ice storm.'


1. diluted too much; weak: washy coffee.

2. pale, thin, or weak, as if from excessive dilution; pallid: washy coloring.

More examples(as adjective)

"sorts can be washy."

"patterns can be washy."