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A room with washing and toilet facilities.
  1. 'So he walked towards the closet in the living room, passing the washroom as he went.'
  2. 'But I don't see any argument for co-ed washrooms or bathrooms.'
  3. 'Each cottage has a common living room, dining room and kitchen and residents have private rooms and washrooms.'
  4. 'Another service to be provided by the contact centre will be a washroom facility, since there is currently a severe shortage of public washrooms in the area.'
  5. 'I look in the dining room, living room, family room, den, all the washrooms, but there's no one in sight.'
  6. 'Refurbishing the toilets and washrooms will cost more than it would in other schools, because the pipework and cisterns will need to be boxed in to prevent the children interfering with them.'
  7. 'These days, advertising in public washrooms is omnipresent.'
  8. 'Students fought in the classrooms and washrooms, roamed the hallways and wandered the neighborhood.'
  9. 'The group was being pushed into a storage room just off the washrooms, and Cole wanted to see where it went so she could work out her escape.'
  10. 'Years ago I wrote an article for Vancouver magazine identifying the nicest public washrooms downtown.'

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1. a room having washbowls and other toilet facilities.

More examples(as adjective)

"services can be washroom."