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A day on which a household's clothes, bed linen, etc. are washed, especially when the same day each week.
  1. 'her mother came to help on washday'
  2. 'It needed to be an easy meal as Monday was washday and especially busy.'
  3. 'You can't talk about the clothesline without thinking about the entire washday of yesteryear - and all the hard work that went into it every week.'
  4. 'Monday morning, in a house where washday begins, must be dreadful for the man of the house.'
  5. 'One has to be a certain age to remember the soggy, steamy awfulness that was the drudgery of washdays when it involved galvanised tubs, poss-sticks and mangles.'
  6. 'That, he said, was his contribution towards the washday ritual.'
  7. 'A controversial solution has been put forward that could finally end the washday blues for people in Thornton Street, Skipton.'

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1. the day set apart in a household for washing clothes: Monday is always washday at our house.

More examples(as adjective)

"pinks can be washday."