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Clean with water and, typically, soap or detergent.
  1. 'he washed down the woodwork in the kitchen'
  2. 'Each time it is returned, he merely washes it thoroughly and wears it again.'
  3. 'She expresses an interest in the attractive silk shirts they are washing.'
  4. 'Even curtains and blinds should be washed every now and then to remove dust.'
  5. 'She realized her dress was covered in dirt and soot, and that she had not washed herself in a few days.'
  6. 'The water was cold and she only had a sliver of soap to wash herself with.'
  7. 'Every article of clothing reeks of foul-smelling smoke and those that cannot easily be washed have to be hung outside for days.'
  8. 'While everything cooks, wash and chop the parsley, dice the ham, toast the hazelnuts in a dry skillet and chop them roughly.'
  9. 'Make sure window coverings in your child's room can be washed or cleaned easily.'
  10. 'After the children left laundry was sorted, washed and ironed.'
  11. 'The books and papers will first be washed in clean water with a very mild detergent to remove the dirt and debris.'
  12. 'The patient revealed that he was visiting his wife's family and had washed with a scented soap sold by one of the nearby upscale stores.'
  13. 'I really feel in this day and age, everyone should be able to drink and wash in clean water.'
  14. 'The operator should wash thoroughly with soap and water before eating and smoking.'
  15. 'They were told to wash with soap and water and were sent home.'
  16. 'I shoved my hands into the scalding water and began to wash.'
  17. 'To keep the colds away and to preserve your skin, stick to natural soaps, moisturise with lotions, wash frequently and use water!'
  18. 'I cleaned and scrubbed, washed and purified, showered and bathed and sponged and splashed.'
  19. 'Despite the coolness of that morning, he was ordered to crouch naked and wash with soap under the cold water.'
  20. 'Then I'd wash, clean my teeth, eat the meal and go to school.'
  21. 'He scrubbed and soaped and washed and finally just relaxed.'
  22. with object and adverbial 'they have to keep washing the mould off the walls'
  23. no object, with adverbial 'the dirt on his clothes would easily wash out'
  24. 'In time, by coming clean, he may eventually wash some of the dirt off himself.'
  25. 'Mold can be washed off hard surfaces using detergent and water.'
  26. 'For example, enzymes in laundry detergents break down dirt and stains so that they may be easily washed away, even in cold water.'
  27. 'Dirt, oil and bacteria are easily scrubbed off and washed away in this suspended state.'
  28. 'Lucy breathed in deeply, and turned her head upwards, accepting the water, feeling it wash away her dirt and grime.'
  29. 'Accumulated dust and dirt had been washed off all growing things, so any trees or shrubs were at their greenest.'
  30. 'One by one, rinse each leek under cool water, taking care to wash away any dirt trapped between its layers.'
  31. 'I loved what I managed to see of New York, but my skin protested by sprouting ugly things, and it took several shampoos to wash New York dirt out of my hair.'
  32. 'Returning from his grimy hours of manual labour, he dives into a hotel to wash away the dirt, emerging clean and immaculate in a fresh suit and tie.'
  33. 'Often black sooty mold grows on the honeydew, but this mold can be gently washed off.'
  34. 'I need someone to cook and wash for me'
  35. 'She didn't talk much when she wasn't washing or cooking.'
  36. 'What do you do when you're not ironing, washing, cooking, and taking the children to and from school?'
  37. 'In addition to washing, cooking, and performing custodial chores, some of these women sold baked goods and took in sewing.'
  38. 'She had cooked and washed for the men, always at knifepoint.'
  39. 'I know I'm gonna want somewhere to cook, wash, fall back on.'
  40. 'My parents came to stay on Saturday, so most of last week was spent trying to get everything done at work then going straight home to tidy, clean, wash etc.'
  41. 'One night I was in the laundry room reading and washing and Karen came in with a basket of clothes.'
  42. 'But for those who embrace traditional ideas about family roles, it is rather weird to see men busy cooking and washing.'
  43. 'The river is where much of Southeast Asia comes alive, so expect to see children frolicking, men cormorant fishing and women washing and cooking in the shallows.'
  44. 'If you're happy, it seems to be a soft, quiet rain that's washing the earth.'
  45. 'Relief finally came three weeks later when nearly an inch of rain fell, washing the city and stabilizing the ash.'
(of flowing water) carry (someone or something) in a particular direction.
  1. 'It replaced a lighthouse that had been built of wood and was washed away by the sea.'
  2. 'The rains are due but they will not supply enough water and will wash roads away, making aid deliveries tougher still.'
  3. 'Slowly, she lathered her body with the softly scented soap, watching as the water washed it away in rivulets down her arms.'
  4. 'I tilted my head back, letting the water wash the dust and sweat off my face.'
  5. 'Eighteen people were missing after flood waters washed a bus off a national highway on Thursday.'
  6. 'It was washed away by the flood waters of Chartiers Creek.'
  7. 'Police think the body may not have been spotted before because it may have been washed down to that location after heavy rain.'
  8. 'Beach profiles have been transformed, as the waters washed sand back out to sea.'
  9. 'The tidal waves washed away their raw materials and equipment.'
  10. 'Those organisms not securely fastened to the rocks will likely be torn free and washed ashore or carried into the open ocean.'
  11. 'an oil slick washed up on the beaches'
  12. 'Several dead beluga whales washed ashore recently in Alaska after dozens were temporarily stranded on mud flats during low tide.'
  13. 'One forestry official pointed out that mountain forests were essential to prevent soil washing down the steep slopes in heavy rains.'
  14. 'The pollutants fall to earth in snow, rain, and dust particles, eventually washing into the many lakes and ponds that dot the region.'
  15. 'In 1994, 21 dolphins and three sperm whales washed ashore along the central coast of California'
  16. 'Soon, we had a new wall made from wet sand, and as the waves washed higher on the beach parts of that would collapse too.'
  17. 'Also on clear water, look for any areas that are murky, perhaps close to in-flowing streams or where waves wash against a shoreline.'
  18. 'So as the waves washed in and ran away again, she was soothed and mellowed.'
  19. 'The waves washed straight across 200 of them and destroyed every house on them.'
  20. 'The waves washed against the cars and drenched those on the top.'
  21. 'After several attempts and with large waves washing through the lifeboat, Crewman Rogers managed to bring three people over the bow.'
  22. 'At sunset I lounge in my four-poster bed and watch as the waves wash onto the rocks, spray hitting the veranda.'
  23. 'I spent an hour mesmerised by the waves, washing in and out across the sand, every now and then throwing up coloured gems.'
  24. 'offshore islands washed by warm blue seas'
  25. 'Men envisioned a Caribbean where trade and economic corporation flows as easily as the tides that wash these blessed shores.'
  26. 'Beneath the Cape's rugged cliff faces, washed by blue, mauve and aquamarine seas, migrating humpback whales can be heard breathing at sunrise.'
  27. 'The Atlantic Ocean washes Spain's north coast, the far northwest corner adjacent to Portugal, and the far southwestern zone between the Portuguese border and the Strait of Gibraltar.'
  28. 'the sand has been churned and washed by miners'
Brush with a thin coat of dilute paint or ink.
  1. 'The outside was washed in red paint, which was chipping due to age and weather conditions.'
Seem convincing or genuine.


    An act of washing something or an instance of being washed.
    1. 'Mark enjoyed a hair wash and trim while Carol was treated to a facial and Briony had a pedicure consultation as they prepared themselves for the Christmas break.'
    2. 'His eyes peer angrily out from a dirt-smeared face, his hair needs a good wash and the clothes he's wearing are definitely getting stinky.'
    3. 'Today I got up, used the toilet, had a wash, cleaned my teeth and ate my breakfast.'
    4. 'All in all, he could do with a bit of a wash and a brush-up.'
    5. 'The dust and heat of Delhi summer was hard to live through, and we knew how difficult it was to have a decent wash in the summer when the whole city was hit by an acute shortage of water.'
    6. 'I did a quick wash of my hair and lathering of the rest of my body.'
    7. 'The shampoo smell was more of a mystery as I had never seen Antonio ever give anyone a hair wash.'
    8. 'The hairdresser massaged Peter's scalp during the wash, and was very careful using the cut-throat razor to tidy up.'
    9. 'I hated not being able to have a wash, get wet clothes dry and having to walk in mud every day.'
    10. 'I help provide clients with a fresh change of clothes after they have had a hot meal and a wash.'
    11. 'she hung out her Tuesday wash'
    12. 'When she looks at him, he starts to purr so she puts down her wash and scratches him behind the ears.'
    13. 'Many women made their own soap and took a pride in hanging out a white wash.'
    14. 'He helps with the evening meal, takes the little one swimming and talks the big one through his homework, bungs in a wash and then rolls up his sleeves for bathtime.'
    15. 'Kathryn was cackling happily as she dropped Olivia's purple sock into the wash with her brother's white underclothes.'
    16. 'I am ‘punished’ for not doing the wash by having only dirty clothes to wear.'
    The water or air disturbed by a moving boat or aircraft.
    1. 'A witness was concerned the wash could endanger staff working on moored boats in the area, as well as swamping rowing boats in the Putney area.'
    2. 'My first thought was I had flown through jet wash from another aircraft.'
    3. 'Stand aft to look down on the wake frothing up from the propeller wash.'
    4. 'We passed over a number of waves created by their wash and then the last one swamped us.'
    5. 'The jet wash at 13,000 feet was testimony to how close we were to swapping more than ‘paint’ on that fateful day.'
    6. 'The crew braces for shock, the boat shudders and a giant plume of boat wash is the only mark left in the faint moonlight as the boat races forward into harm's way.'
    7. 'The seafront rooms hear a constant wash of incoming waves, but for most people this becomes a sleeping pill in the end.'
    8. 'But there is a Caribbean calm, intense in the tropical sun, and the sedative wash of the waves.'
    An inlet of the North Sea on the east coast of England between Norfolk and Lincolnshire.
      A medicinal or cleansing solution.
      1. 'Tired of traipsing around the globe with shampoo, body wash, face cleanser, and 1,200 other grooming products?'
      2. 'It's nice and easy to just squirt the body wash all over yourself, rather than use soap.'
      3. 'There were clean towels, a fresh, white robe hanging on the back of the door and brand new bottles of shampoo, conditioner and even body wash.'
      4. 'Showering soon after a workout and using antibacterial acne washes on the face also help prevent blemishes.'
      5. 'During treatment with prescribed medications, patients should use bland facial washes and moisturizers.'
      6. 'Abbey took her time in the shower and used her favorite scented body wash.'
      7. 'She reached over to the small counter in the shower and picked up a bottle of body wash, scrubbing it gently over her skin.'
      8. 'Pamper yourself by using your favorite body wash and shampoo.'
      9. 'He had shampoo in his hair and he was using her body wash.'
      10. 'Body lotions, shower washes and shampoos/conditioners in your favorite scents make great options now - as do body splashes or sprays, which are lighter than typical perfume products.'
      A layer of paint or metal spread thinly on a surface.
      1. 'Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.'
      2. 'I introduced a variety of glazing techniques including light washes, layering, blending, blotting, spraying and antiquing.'
      3. 'Her variegated surfaces may be opaque or layered as transparent washes, glazed or scraped, scumbled, wiped down or sanded.'
      4. 'A watercolour wash is a fluid made up of water in which the colour particles brushed from cakes of pigment are suspended.'
      5. 'His paintings have the quality of screen prints at times: flat blockiness competes with spongy washes and the enticing effect of dry pigment dragged across a surface.'
      6. 'Most of the time these techniques employ glazes or washes applied over a solid colored background color.'
      7. 'Stephens veils the pastoral subjects with milky washes that streak the surface, and a brown glaze that drips languorously down it.'
      8. 'He'll mix it with pale washes of oil paint, but avoids getting into a paint process that would require thicker paint and building up layers of glazing.'
      9. 'Throughout his life, possibly because of crippling arthritis, his preferred medium was watercolour, painted in luminous washes within tight well-defined outlines.'
      10. 'To produce his works, he screenprints one or more photographic images, sometimes a single one repeated, onto the canvas, overlaying them with acrylic washes of various densities.'
      Silt or gravel carried by a stream or river and deposited as sediment.
        Kitchen slops and other food waste fed to pigs.
          Malt fermenting in preparation for distillation.
            A situation or result that is of no benefit to either of two opposing sides.
            1. 'If the matchup problems he creates can offset the matchup liabilities he endures on defense, he could play many opposing centers to a wash or better.'
            2. 'Together, the two films and DVD presentations cancel each other out, resulting in a wash for a recommendation.'
            3. 'However, I think we have a ways to go in terms of convincing actuaries that in fact e-mail is at worst a wash and probably a benefit.'
            4. 'The additions of Edgardo Alfonzo, Ray Durham, Jose Cruz Jr. and Marquis Grissom likely will amount to a wash.'

            More definitions

            1. to apply water or some other liquid to (something or someone) for the purpose of cleansing; cleanse by dipping, rubbing, or scrubbing in water or some other liquid.

            2. to remove (dirt, stains, paint, or any matter) by or as by the action of water (usually followed by out, off, etc.): to wash grime out of clothing.

            3. to free from spiritual defilement or from sin, guilt, etc.: to be washed whiter than the snow.

            4. to bathe, wet, or moisten with water or other

            More examples(as adjective)

            "rules can be wash with markets."

            "people can be wash for people."

            "markings can be wash with rolls."

            "days can be wash with airs."

            "people can be wash."

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            come out in the wash
            in the wash
            wash one's dirty linen (or laundry) in public
            wash one's hands
            wash one's hands of
            wash one's mouth out (with soap and water)