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A period during which a war is taking place.
  1. as modifier 'Britain's wartime defences'
  2. 'Josie had always heard that in some towns soldiers are treated like saviors during wartime and this proved it.'
  3. 'For a nation going to the polls in wartime, no issue matters more than character.'
  4. 'If we can so successfully manage the media in wartime, why can't we do the same in peace time?'
  5. 'But in wartime we are even less able, and willing, than usual to see ourselves as others see us.'
  6. 'Opposition to war was not taken to mean that existence in wartime involved no Christian duties.'
  7. 'Eventually, the government will impose the kind of restrictions normally used in wartime.'
  8. 'The law was originally designed to protect the merchant navy from financial ruin during wartime.'

More definitions

1. a time or period of war: Strict travel regulations apply only in wartime. adjective

2. caused by, characteristic of, or occurring during war: wartime shortages.

More examples(as adjective)

"services can be wartime."

"pasts can be wartime."

"broadcasters can be wartime."