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Angry and ready or eager for confrontation.
  1. 'Rosie O'Donnell is on the warpath, and she's taking revenge on a long list of Hollywood enemies!'
  2. 'A Congress stalwart like Jinabai Darji is on the warpath and the Seva Dal chief has resigned.'
  3. 'Still, the media giant is on the warpath to make its financial targets for the first year of its $103 billion merger.'
  4. 'I wanted to pose burning a flag, naked, looking like an Amazon on the warpath.'
  5. 'This is a clear indication that the terrorist thugs are on the warpath against the state.'
  6. 'In the noble name of ‘federalism,’ the Supreme Court, under Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is on the warpath against the Congress.'
  7. 'She told me that my stepfather has been on the warpath since I left.'
  8. 'They scolded them all soundly for being so foolhardy as to ride around with so many enemies on the warpath.'
  9. 'With the Kannada film industry on the warpath, exhibitors and other language industries have decided to take an equally firm stand.'
  10. 'Now we can't do anything during class or breaks, since Miss Richardson is on the warpath.'
  11. 'My eternally humorless grouch of a nanny was on the warpath, intending to scrub me clean after a messy cops and robbers game gone horribly muddy.'
  12. 'Rovers went on the warpath in the first half - streaking to a four-nil lead.'
  13. 'The injured Una is on the warpath and the lads charm tactics can't defuse her fury.'
  14. 'Fed-up residents in Rochdale Road are on the warpath over the state of their pavements.'
  15. 'With no job, no home and very few friends, the ever-resourceful and conniving Mia is secretly on the warpath.'
  16. 'Bollea is on the warpath, gaining fans everywhere for his hard work and ‘do anything’ hardcore attitude.'
  17. 'Unions representing pilots, attendants and machinists are still on the warpath.'
  18. 'Secular extremists are on the warpath again and the location of this year's pogrom is Maplewood, New Jersey.'
  19. 'Reluctant to go back to Lesvos, where Kostas's mother was on the warpath, they decided to stay in the capital.'
  20. 'Teachers as well as employees are on the warpath demanding pay revision.'

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1. the path or course taken by American Indians on a warlike expedition. Idioms

2. on the warpath, seeking, preparing for, or engaged in war or aggressive pursuit. in a state of anger or indignation; hostile.

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"hits can be warpath."


With reference to American Indians heading towards a battle with an enemy.