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A statement or event that warns of something or that serves as a cautionary example.
  1. 'his sad death should be a warning to everyone'
  2. 'One had assumed that these warnings had been heeded, examined and discounted as alarmist.'
  3. 'Police in the area have issued several warnings fearful that somebody will eventually be hurt.'
  4. 'These measures have included yellow card instant warnings and exclusion zones.'
  5. 'Mr Bush has said that none of the warnings was specific enough for meaningful precautions to be taken.'
  6. 'It contained dire warnings about the impact on earth if global warming continues unchecked.'
  7. 'He cannot resist recalling previous warnings of a property market crash that failed to come true.'
  8. 'Police must give two verbal warnings to prostitutes before they have the power of arrest.'
  9. 'They chose to keep information about discharges secret and not to issue warnings.'
  10. 'The teenagers were all given final warnings about their conduct, says a police spokesman.'
  11. 'He wrote in the Times of the danger of hoping that his warnings came true so that it might vindicate his position.'
  12. 'a word of warning—don't park illegally'
  13. 'A word of warning: getting to music college is no guaranteed path to success and work, as Andy found out at the very beginning.'
  14. 'Although by definition a caveat is a caution or warning that the notifier be given a hearing, yet it usually helps stall rather than alter a situation.'
  15. 'A word of warning to anyone planning to visit these Pacific Northwest asphalt wonders: these parks are mean and unforgiving.'
  16. 'Finally, I think it is worth ending with a word of warning to anyone who might be considering travelling to the United States without the proper documentation.'
  17. 'I think we've seen all of them on the street today, just out and about, not really heeding any advice or warning to stay indoors.'
  18. 'In the meantime, a few pictures worth 1,000 words of warning.'
  19. 'Now Citizens Advice is warning that the problems are so severe they jeopardise the modernisation of the legal aid system introduced by the Government four years ago to improve the service.'
  20. 'Word of warning when wearing scarves, those of you who have short or wide necks avoid ties that go too near your neck as this will make your neck look shorter and wider.'
  21. 'Word of warning: removal men take everything literally.'
  22. 'Mr. Friedman continued that there had been no advice, warning or suggestion that anything Jarvis had been told earlier was wrong.'
  23. 'without any warning, the army opened fire'
  24. 'Most severe weather conditions come with a bit of advance warning, so it pays to plan ahead and book a hotel, just in case of an unexpected overnight layover.'
  25. 'Mr Wells said he did not think two A4 sized notices on the town hall notice board were adequate warning.'
  26. 'Lancer Battalion's staff gave us advanced warning of each of the three times we gained visual contact with friendly forces in Sadr City.'
  27. 'Emergency indicators would give advance warning of potential problems that could develop during flight.'
  28. 'They will get access to a range of national initiatives, government programmes and advance warning of possible Ministry of Defence contracts.'
  29. 'The Clubwatch set-up will let door staff give their counterparts at other venues advance warning of potential troublemakers.'
  30. 'This provides the driver with advance warning of incidents and snarl-ups ahead.'
  31. 'You don't have to fire warning shots, you don't have to aim at the feet, and if it's a military target you usually don't have give advanced warning.'
  32. 'Staff at Cusworth are concerned that warning notices alerting park users to the dangers of bathing in the deep lakes have been torn down as soon as they have been put up.'
  33. 'In the 1998 events, it was revealed that the US government received advance warning of the Kenya bombing two weeks before it took place.'

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1. the act or utterance of one who warns or the existence, appearance, sound, etc., of a thing that warns.

2. something that serves to warn, give notice, or caution: We fired a warning at the intruders.

3. Meteorology. an announcement from the U.S. National Weather Service alerting the public that a storm or other weather-related hazard is imminent and that immediate steps should be taken to protect lives and property.Compare advisory (def 5), storm warning (def 2), watch (def 20)

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"messages can be warning."

"investors can be warning."

"analysts can be warning."

"signs can be warning."

"shouts can be warning."

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Old English war(e)nung (see warn, -ing).