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Sympathetic and kind.
  1. 'In Bulgaria he has met people who are highly intelligent, compassionate, tolerant and understanding, warm-hearted and has also met people who are desperately intolerant and stupid.'
  2. 'The Americans have been our allies for almost a century, and are a generous and warm-hearted people.'
  3. 'As a young woman, Babs was attached to the staff of Stauntons of James Street, Westport, and during her time there she gained a deserved reputation as a warm-hearted, caring and generous person.'
  4. 'Such simple acts resembling the role of the straw, as a warm-hearted word, a silent and assuring smile, just being together or a joy-giving meeting, can empower each of us and bring about change.'
  5. 'Those of Cherie's friends who do talk insist that she is generous, warm-hearted, dependable, but they are also keenly aware that she has demonstrated repeatedly that she is a vengeful ex.'
  6. 'Generous and warm-hearted you like to shower your loved one with affection and are very demonstrative and affectionate.'
  7. 'Character witnesses he called in his defence described him as generous and warm-hearted, recalling he had organised charity events after a friend died in a car crash.'
  8. 'She convinces you that Jane is a genuinely warm-hearted and fragile girl under her tomboy exterior so that the final clinch with her wooden Indian of a lover is almost acceptable.'
  9. 'The show continues where battles are won and lost, but because it is Movieland we are left warm-hearted with a magnificent rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.'
  10. 'Although he is a rogue and a rascal, Abagnale is treated with warm-hearted sympathy throughout the film.'


1. having or showing sympathy, affection, kindness, cordiality, etc.: a warm-hearted welcome.

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"supports can be warmhearted."