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A military commander, especially an aggressive regional commander with individual autonomy.
  1. 'a network of alliances between provincial warlords broke down'
  2. 'The warlords already control several small but important enclaves across Afghanistan.'
  3. 'The shipowners often draw up contracts with local officials, clan elders or regional warlords.'
  4. 'The US is buying off regional warlords and militia commanders for a variety of reasons.'
  5. 'Opium is grown freely in the countryside and gathered by farmers who sell it to factories employed by, or paying off, the local warlord.'
  6. 'The warlord was in Central Asia, in the region along the old border of Afghanistan and China.'
  7. 'Renegade warlords and militants now control much of the main island of Guadalcanal.'
  8. 'Somaliland, in the north, and Puntland, in the north east, are in the hands of autonomous warlords.'
  9. 'Just handing over the country to the warlords of the Northern Alliance once the war against the Taliban is won would be a kind of betrayal.'
  10. 'President Charles Taylor is a former warlord who seized power and then was elected to it.'
  11. 'Anything that threatened the interests of the regional warlords would be vetoed.'

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1. a military leader, especially of a warlike nation.

2. a military commander who has seized power, especially in one section of a country.

3. tuchun.

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"volleys can be warlords."

"peaces can be warlords."

"orders can be warlords."

"months can be warlords."

"fiefdomses can be warlords."

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