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Caution about possible dangers or problems.
  1. 'Warren Buffett, the iconic figure of American capitalism, expressed the new wariness in his annual report released Saturday.'
  2. 'There appears no appetite for introducing such a law and given this government's general wariness about upsetting businesses that is not surprising.'
  3. 'Officials from the Fire Island National Seashore, whose boundaries encompass all Fire Island communities, have expressed wariness of such projects.'
  4. 'And yet there has never been more wariness of industrial development and more skepticism about its benefits.'
  5. 'I wonder if Tomlinson's periodic but spectacular disasters are not connected to his wariness about success.'
  6. 'To pry away those younger callers, Virgin is playing on their wariness of complicated plans and hidden fees.'
  7. 'Based on the way I'd seen him handle lighting a barbecue (pour gasoline, strike match, dive for cover) my wariness wasn't unreasonable.'
  8. 'The pupils all highlighted their wariness of the debt involved in participation in higher education, with little being known of funding arrangements.'
  9. 'In the future, because of wariness by consumers, farmers may not find a market for their GM crops.'
  10. 'He said he was concerned about the understandable wariness of GPs to become involved in child protection work.'
  11. 'Inevitably, they saw less of each other, but that did not lessen his family's wariness.'
  12. 'Try to instill a healthy sense of wariness in your students.'
  13. 'In some parts of the world there is wariness toward democracy, often based on misunderstanding.'
  14. 'Only three per cent of people in Yorkshire said wariness of the police would put them off giving information.'
  15. 'Quigley depicts the changing relationship between the two women superbly, their initial wariness ringing with psychological acuity.'
  16. 'He seems most at home when talking about business and loses his initial wariness.'
  17. 'But he now also faces the task of rallying support from his own party, which is divided over the rescue and has long viewed him with a degree of wariness.'
  18. 'In the modern state of heightened wariness, staring like a dullard sounds no more demeaning than walking in your socks through airport security.'
  19. 'Far from responding like innocent dupes, we armed ourselves with wariness.'
  20. 'Now, both professions are probably regarded with equal amounts of cynicism and wariness.'
  21. 'Nelson grins, radiating laid-back cheer, in contrast to Bennington's barely disguised wariness.'

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1. the state or quality of being wary.

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"stills can be wariness."

"memberships can be wariness."