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A military exercise carried out to test or improve tactical expertise.
  1. 'THE US spent £165 million on the biggest war game in military history earlier this month.'
  2. 'During the war game, the S - 1 should brief casualty estimates and you should brief the medical concept of support for these estimates by phase.'
  3. 'Also joining the war games are ships and personnel from Canada, Holland, Germany, Peru, Norway, Italy, Denmark, France and Australia.'
  4. 'Several senior officers attended war game training recently aimed at improving logistical concepts and improving capability development.'
  5. 'In 1984, I participated in a war game featuring a Cessna rigged with a tiny nuke and flown by a suicide pilot.'
  6. 'At that time, the Central Command had what they called an exercise, a war game, called ‘Internal Luck.’'
  7. 'They called for a halt to the war game to invade the North, including the Stryker Brigade Combat Team's drill in South Korea, and signing of a nonaggression treaty with the North.'
  8. 'The newspaper also said a large-scale joint-force war game will be conducted in the ‘near future’ following training that has lasted almost two months.'
  9. 'There are two components to a war game: field exercises and command post exercises.'
  10. 'The most recent US command-and-control exercise, conducted last month, was a war game simulating a US invasion of Iran in 2007.'
  11. 'Battle of Britain is a war game for the personal computer from noted designer Gary Grigsby.'
  12. 'Desai said games could cover a wide range of possibilities from role playing and adventure to simulation, sports, war games and ‘edutainment’ that blends learning and playing.'
  13. 'Ultimately it is the American audience that today's war games are developed for, so the ‘gung-ho’ attitude you object to is sadly nothing new.'
  14. 'The new group took part in paintball war games, held at a remote bush property two hours drive south of Perth.'
  15. 'I like flight simulators and mission-based war games.'
  16. 'It was a war game based on the American Civil War.'
  17. 'The main activities of Magic Mon are computer gaming, card games, board games and war games.'
  18. 'This last group of lots consisted of war games and European-style board games.'
  19. 'They are also organising a paintball war game for deaf and hearing members.'
  20. 'Every year our games club has an auction, most of which are war games.'


Engage in (a campaign or course of action) using the strategies of a war game.
  1. 'Military strategists use models to simulate the course of battles and wars under various scenarios; indeed, the Iraq War was war-gamed long before the fighting began.'
  2. 'His campaign consultants had certainly war-gamed and story-conferenced the issue to death.'
  3. 'No team was assigned to diligently unearth the plan's shortfalls or over-sights - or to thoroughly war-game the various courses of action while planners considered and developed them.'
  4. 'In 1994, James F. Dunnigan and I war-gamed several Indo-Pakistan war scenarios for a commercial project.'

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1. a simulated military operation, carried out to test the validity of a war plan or operational concept: in its simplest form, two opposing teams of officers take part, and when necessary, military units of the required strength are employed.

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"softwares can be wargame."


(war game)