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Lacking in a required or necessary quality.
  1. 'the English batting technique has been found wanting'
  2. 'Whether wanting is measured in quality or quantity depends entirely on the individuals concerned.'
  3. 'The standard of tax office internal safeguards, repeatedly found wanting, are again in question.'
  4. 'They charged that his delay to fire ministers he found wanting was proof enough that his word could not be relied upon.'
  5. 'The home side's backline were found wanting time and again.'
  6. 'Economically told, this is the kind of short that leaves you wanting more.'
  7. 'It was just a long enough kiss to give me a taste, but just a short enough kiss to leave me wanting more, short enough that it didn't quench my need.'
  8. 'If anything, the short, sharp shock of its visceral blues-punk left you wanting more - and more duly arrives in the shape of this follow-up.'


1. lacking or absent: a motor with some of the parts wanting.

2. deficient in some part, thing, or respect: to be wanting in courtesy. preposition

3. lacking; without: a box wanting a lid.

4. less; minus: a century wanting three years.

More examples(as adjective)

"mounds can be wanting in/at/on days."

"people can be wanting."

"foods can be wanting."

"powers can be wanting."

"informations can be wanting."

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